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Azed 1967 – playing fairly

Posted by bridgesong on 14th February 2010


So far as I can discover, this is the first Playfair competition puzzle for around two years, the last having been 1804, which must have been in December 2007 (probably the Christmas competition) and which doesn’t appear to have been blogged on this site. If Azed has used the format for a non-competition word since then, I don’t remember it. Accordingly, it’s probably worth giving some background to the format in some detail for those to whom it may be new.

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Everyman 3306

Posted by Arthur on 14th February 2010


Well I think the obvious feature of this one is all the compound solutions. Personally I think these are fun, but that they make the whole thing much easier (the more words they contain, the fewer possible phrases there will be that fit that pattern). The best example of this is 14,17ac which was a very easy dd in which one was a literal reading (thus, I suppose, being the more cryptic) and another which was a definition of the phrase as it is used. Once this answer was put in the grid (and it really should have been one of the very first ones you put in) it gave 14 checking letters and from there the rest should have really filled itself in. I also have a small objection to 8dn in that the girls name used is so uncommon that I only know it exists because I guessed, typed it into google along with the words ‘girl’s name’ and it appeared. If you omit ‘girls name’ it doesn’t even come up as a name. Some other issues too as detailed by the individual clues… Read the rest of this entry »

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