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Independent 7282 by Dac

Posted by nmsindy on 17th February 2010


Not sure if Wednesday would be quite the same without a Dac Indy puzzle.    This, as always, was great, particularly liked the surface readings.    Turned out to be quite a easy one for me, 13 mins.

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Guardian 24,936 / Brummie

Posted by mhl on 17th February 2010


We get roughly a puzzle a month from Brummie in the Guardian, so I think I end up doing more of his Private Eye puzzles (as Cyclops) overall and it’s good fortune to get to do a blog post on one. I found this crossword tricky, with a few difficult definitions. It’s a bit annoying that I spent a long time staring at 9 across before discovering from the comments on the Guardian’s site that the clue had been replaced.

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Financial Times 13,312 / Dogberry

Posted by Gaufrid on 17th February 2010


Overall I didn’t think this was as difficult as some Dogberry puzzles. It seemed to be something of a mixture, some very easy clues, some more tricky ones, some good surfaces and some that didn’t make much sense (at least to me). I rather liked the wordplay in 9dn.

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