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Financial Times 13,313 / Gozo

Posted by smiffy on February 18th, 2010


Something of a class reunion for a lot of old friends here today (10A, 12A, 23A, 1D, 15D, 19D). On a related note,  I did feel an unexpected twinge of childhood nostalgia courtesy of 4D.

1 RETICENT – cite< in rent.
5 RAGTAG – rag + tag (‘game’, as in “….you’re it….”
10 INFANTA – in + fan + ta.  A word that always takes me back to Miriam Margoyles the original The Black Adder.
11 ERITREA – (tire)* in era.
12 ID EST – Ides (of March) + {Augus}T.
13 ONLOOKERS – (lone roooks)*.   Even by birdwatching standards, this sounds like a particularly saddo endeavour.
14  DANISH PASTRY – (Sharp’s dainty).
18 ROMAN CANDLE – (and + L) in romance.
21 HARMONICA – har{d} + Monica.
23 NIECE – E in Nice. Although the two are homophones as well.
24  RISSOLE – Sir< + sole.
25 GONDOLA – triple def’n.
26 STATES – double def’n.
27 IT IS SAID – I + sit< + said.

1 RAISIN – raisin’.
2 TOFFEE – toff ={w}EE{k}.
3 CONSTRAIN – cons + train.
4 NEAPOLITAN ICES – (selection a pain)*.  Conjured up teatime reminiscences of agonising over which slice of the tricolore ice cream to leave to the end (usually the chocolate, since you ask).
6 AMIGO – A>M. + I go.
7 TORRENTS – tor +rents.
8 GLASS EYE – Anglesey* (with S for N).
9 FEEL THE DRAUGHT – literal/figurative pun.
15 APENNINES – a Pennines.
16 ORCHARD – or chard’s.
17 AMBROSIA – Ambrosia{n}.
19 SENORA – one’s< + RA>
20 REPAID – diaper<.
22 OZONE – one Oz, with parts switched.

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,313 / Gozo”

  1. JamesM says:

    Thank you Smiffy.

    Mostly pretty straightforward. My only problem was reversing the nappy, but I suppose that is an occupational hazard!

    Good blog.

  2. Jake says:

    Good stuff here. No probs in solving – Mr Smiffy, your a good man for the blog!

    Thank-you Sir.


    I think this daily was the best compared to the rest.

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