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Independent 7,284/Phi

Posted by Ali on 19th February 2010


Just as Wednesdays wouldn’t be the same without a bit of Dac, so Friday = Phi day. Great stuff as ever with some excellent anagrams.

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Financial Times 13,314 / Flimsy

Posted by shuchi on 19th February 2010


Quite straightforward except a few clues in the top-right.

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Beelzebub 1,043 (14/02/10)

Posted by Simon Harris on 19th February 2010

Simon Harris.

A very enjoyable week, with some really nice anagrams. For my own part, I managed all but 13ac unaided, which may be a record for me, yet that one eluded me due to a crisis of confidence having guessed the correct answer but misread the wordplay.

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Guardian 24,938 – Puck

Posted by Andrew on 19th February 2010


Another very tricky puzzle to finish off the week. The many cross-references and multiple-entry answers made it hard to get started, and even after getting some of the key answers it didn’t get much easier, not helped by the fact that I was only vaguely familiar with 21/19/10/23. Nevertheless, a lot of sound and clever clueing made it enjoyable and rewarding to persevere with.

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Independent 7279 (Sat 13 Feb) by Anax

Posted by beermagnet on 19th February 2010


Sat 13th Feb was the opening day of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver so I was not surprised to find this was the main theme of the puzzle. This meant I could fill in a lot of the grid quite quickly. I started with some confidence after quickly getting the theme and several long answers. The last few were a struggle and couldn’t be found without checking a few references. Now doing the blog I find there are many where I do not fully understand the wordplay – and a few (e.g. 13A RUT & 7D TIGER) where I now wonder why I was so sure of that answer at solving time. Doubts are multiplying, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these answer are wrong. So, HELP!

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Inquisitor 1112: Shifty Characters by Phi

Posted by HolyGhost on 19th February 2010


Some answers have a letter shifted before entry, and these letters spell out the name of a group. The members of the group form a number of other entries, but the answers to their associated clues are their disguises.
I soon discovered a few clashes (focussed on the main diagonal), and got the answers to 43a and 34d which were not the corresponding entries. A little later I tumbled (almost simultaneously) to the entries for 9d and 6a which were not the answers to the clues – and the penny dropped, giving me the name of the group … and quite a bit of tidying up to do.

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