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Financial Times 13,319 /Orense

Posted by smiffy on February 25th, 2010


A paddle in the shallow-end today, with the waters only getting above knee-depth with the slightly obscure – but readily deducible – answer at 17D.  Puns and cryptic standalones seem to feature more heavily than usual. Not necessarily a bad thing per se, but none of them struck me as particularly inspired.

1 DOWN IN THE MOUTH - literal/figurative double def’n.
10 TRESS – {s}tress.
11 TYRANNOUS – (turn, say, on)*.
12 MEANDER - d[ensity] in meaner.
13 NECKTIE – I take this to be a play on neck(vb), as a “cause of getting hot”.  Otherwise it’s a somewhat lame cryptic clue.
14 EYING - initial letters.
16 FACE PACKS – “masks” in the cosmetic sense.
19 FINGERTIP – cryptic def’n.
20 LISPS – i.e. pronounces “sing” as “thing”.
22 CLEARER – Lear in (C{astle} + ER).
25 RIB CAGE - another ‘purely’ cryptic clue.
27 SMALL ARMS – S + mall, arms.
28 ILIAC – I + L + I + a c{hart}.
29 A FLEA IN ONES EAR – another literal/figurative combo.

2 OPERATION – PE in oration.
3 NOSED - nose + d.
4 NET PROFIT – another slightly porous punning device.  Although, on blogging, I did briefly ponder the  mirage of quasi-angram fodder at the end of the clue.
5 HERON – hero + n.
6 MUNICIPAL – (up in claim)*.
7 U-BOAT – alternate letters in (tUrBo On AuTo).
8 HOSTESS - s{ycophan}t in (shoes)*.
9 STYMIE – Y{orkshire} in (Times)*.
15 GUERILLA – il (Italian “the”) in (regular)*.
17 CAPARISON – (a Paris) in con. An equine version of a “Sunday Best” suit.
18 COSTA RICA - (Castro + CIA)*.
19 FUCHSIA – (if such a)*.
21 SKETCH - s{afety} + ketch.
23 EMAIL - {th}em + ail.
24 RERUN - RE + run.
26 BAITS - I in bats.  I’ve never been a fan of “cricketer” = bat.

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,319 /Orense”

  1. Ian says:

    Thanks Smiffy.

    Straighforward as you say. Except for the fact that I inserted ‘your’ instead of ‘ones’ in 29ac. Otherwise I would have finished 15′ earlier! As a result, I spent ages wondering why 26dn didn’t finish with a plural. Doh!!

  2. Mike04 says:

    Thank you for your blog, smiffy

    Nothing too taxing here. My favourite clue was 20ac – and it was really the only one to cause a delay!
    In 28ac, I was wondering about the solution, ILIAC. Is this a possible alternative to ILEAC?

  3. Gaufrid says:

    You are quite correct in querying 28ac since ‘of the lower intestine’ should indeed be ‘ileac’ or ‘ileal’. ILIAC means either ‘relating to Troy’ or is the adjectival form of ‘ilium’ (a bone in the pelvis).

  4. smiffy says:

    Yes – nice spot Mike! It slipped through my net completely undetected.

  5. Mike04 says:

    Gaufrid and smiffy
    Thanks for the feed-back.

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