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Azed 1969

Posted by Andrew on 28th February 2010


A puzzle of two halves, I found: I whizzed though about two-thirds very quickly and without aids, then struggled rather more to finish it off. As promised, I’ve done this blog in the style Nick introduced last week. The lateness of this post is mostly due to some (rather unsuccessful) last-minute tinkering with the layout. Comments on the format are welcome (as well as on the blog and the puzzle, of course). Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian Genius 80 (February 2010) – Puck

Posted by Andrew on 28th February 2010


I struggled with this puzzle when I first tried it, though getting enough down answers to guess that they all had one or more Bs missing. Then I left it for a couple of weeks, lost my original copy, and when I tried again I got through it in a single session. This was just after I’d blogged Puck’s controversial SpongeBob Squarepants puzzle, so perhaps I was more attuned to Puckishness. The theme is rather cryptically explained in the preamble: “Down solutions must be suitably 14 (TAILORED) in order to be 17, not briefly edited, (BLESSED less ED, so “B-LESS”) before being inserted in the grid.” The last sentence (“Three across clues have solutions that are 17 (BLESSED) and are not further defined.”) refers to three items from the Beatitudes, “Blessed are the Peacemakers/Meek/Pure of heart” (but not the Cheesemakers). In the solutions below I’ve shown the the unmodified version of the downs. The entries in the diagram have the letter B removed wherever it occurs.

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Everyman 3308

Posted by Arthur on 28th February 2010


Plenty of anagrams this week particularly in the down clues (I count 10 clues containing at least a part anagram). Since these are often the easiest to spot, it should have been quite good going, at least at first, this week but it wasn’t completely plain sailing with a couple of words not necessarily used by most of us on a daily basis – olios and caparison spring to mind. In this sense it was a very nice crossword with an easy “in” but also one where you it was necessary to rely on getting easier answers to have a chance at getting the harder ones. Read the rest of this entry »

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