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Independent 7292 by Eimi

Posted by NealH on March 1st, 2010


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def, DD=double def, sp=spoonerism

Entertaining puzzle by Eimi that mentions a couple of composers, although I don’t know if there is meant to be some hidden theme there. I found the right side of the grid harder than the left, mainly because I didn’t spot the split anagram in 4 down for quite a while.

1 Blu Ray: Blur + Ay.
4 Fake Tan: Implied anagram of ant.
9 Repulsive: RU (text “are you”) around EP + Elvis*.
10 Dwelt: CD.
11 Thereat: Threat around E.
12 Exactor: I assume this is a DD – Yoshio Tsuchiya is a Japanese actor and exactor in the sense of “one who exacts”.
13 I don’t get it: CD.
14 Lief: Life with last two letters reversed.
16 Tess: Initial letters of “text exchanges saddened Strictly”. Tess Daly is the presenter of Strictly Come Dancing and I think there was some controversy over invalid text/phone votes a couple of years ago, so it’s possibly an & lit as well.
17 Eye contact: CD.
19 Rossini: [C]rossin[g] + I.
20 Operate: Opera + te.
22 A-list: Alist[air].
23 Tailpiece: DD.
24 En garde: Hidden in suken garden.
25 Elated: Tale< + ed.
1 Borat: Ora (plural of os) in B and T (IVR codes).
2 Unprepossessing: (Pepsi Guns N’ Roses)*.
3 Ailments: (salt mine)*.
4 Frederic Chopin: (I ride + French cop)*. Although Polish, Chopin spent much of his life in Paris.
5 Kodiak: Kodak around I. Kodiak is an Island, hence “one in Alaska”.
6 Theatrical Agent: (a altering the act)*.
7 Net profit: CD.
8 Little by Little: DD. I originally thought it was three people called Little, but the Eric is actually a reference to this book.
13 Interface: A[pple] in frenetic*.
15 Interpol: Didn’t really follow this – “Coppers corrupt but not worried”. Coppers=interpol, but not sure of the rest.
18 Winter: W + Inter (Milan).
21 Emend: Hidden in “policemen don’t”.

8 Responses to “Independent 7292 by Eimi”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Yes, this was good, I too found the right hand side tougher. I think today is 200 years since 4 down was born. 15 down is from INTERPOL(ate), I think.

  2. Paul B says:

    Lots of nice clues. My fave probably B OR A T, for it is unspoken all that bit in the middle innit.

    I DON’T GET IT is a DD, or D&CD if yer likes. Excellent stuff.

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks for blogging, Neal. This for me was definitely a puzzle of two halves: like you and nms, I found the left hand side reasonably straightforward; I particularly liked the anagram for 2dn, and 22ac (now you’ve explained it). But the right hand side was tough, and I had to give up with four or five still unsolved.

    Bit of a stretch to say that EYE CONTACT would be frowned on by invigilators (but the surface is excellent), and congrats to anyone who got 12ac without access to Google/Wikipedia and all the crossing letters. And finally, 24ac was very cleverly clued.

  4. IanN14 says:

    I didn’t know Eric.
    16ac. IS an &Lit. but is more likely to be referring to this story, I think…

  5. Uncle Yap says:

    interpolate or
    vt to insert a word or passage in a book or manuscript, esp in order to mislead; to tamper with or to corrupt by spurious insertions; to insert, interpose, interject; to fill in as an intermediate term of a series

    I wonder for a long time about INTERPOL so mnsindy’s explanation (now backed by Chambers above)has made this a good and correct clue.

    I read Yoshio Tsuchiya as an actor who has retired; so EX-actor.

    As expected, Eimi did not fail to deliver a darn good puzzle.

  6. eimi says:

    Thanks to all for the comments and to Neal for the blog.

    Nmsindy spotted the topical reference that explained the puzzle’s appearance on Monday.

    Uncle Yap is right about ex-actor. Having found both exactor and yakuza among the synonyms for extortionist in Chambers Thesaurus, I went looking for a Japanese actor (to link with the Japanese word) who was still alive but not working. I didn’t think it mattered too much whether solvers had heard of him – the formulation of “someone’s name ‘in’ a title in italics” should lead the solver towards an actor.

    In days gone by I have had to supplement my meagre crosswording income by invigilating at a local school – time has never passed more slowly – and I was always told that candidates were not allowed to communicate in any way with each other, verbally or otherwise, so I didn’t think the eye contact clue was stretching too much.

  7. Moose says:

    Never heard of 14a (except in a persons name).I was looking for something more elaborate for 20a and 23a and 15d doesn’t make sense other than a reference to law enforcement.Howver did well with the rest

  8. Moose says:

    Just completed prize crossword(I hope!) As a long time veggie I was fascinated by some of the answers.Very enjoyable!

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