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Private Eye/Cyclops 411 – Muck News

Posted by beermagnet on March 1st, 2010


Quite an easy outing this time with a few intra-Eye references and pet names, particularly several uses of Brenda for ER, and of course lots of botty humour.

1 DISRAELI (DAILIES [labou]R)* AInd: in a frenzy
5 CHESTY (SHY ETC)* AInd: falsely Def: like Jordan. Strangely enough the answer wasn’t ‘landlocked’.
10/26 THE DIRTY DIGGER THE (article) DIRTY (blue) DIGGER (JCB) Def: Ragman. This is the Eye’s pet name for R. Murdoch, proprieter of many newspapers (thus “Ragman”) and any other monopolies he can engineer. It is very difficult to avoid buying any services from his organisations, but I try. (I didn’t know his first name was Keith)
11 BUCK-PASSING BUCK (dollar) PASSING (spending – as in spending a penny)
14 MUCK M[p] (MP’s chief) C[onservative] inside UK (country). Not sure I like use of “MP’s chief” to deliver M
15 BACKHANDER BACKHAND (sort of strike on court – tennis) ER (Brenda)
18 NORTH WALES (THROWN)* AInd: off. ALES (beer) Hurray! beer used as a synonym for Ale as it should be.
20/12 NEWS INTERNATIONAL (ANAL RETENTION WINS)* AInd: out. Despite its name this is The Dirty Digger’s UK publishing firm. His global megacorp is News Corporation.
I was fortunate to see ‘international’ in the anagrist very quickly so strangely got this before 10/26 The Dirty Digger making that pretty obvious, though that was a much more straightforward clue nonetheless.
23 FUNNY OLD WORLD FUNNY (Rich – as in “That’s rich”) OLD WORLD (Europe in America’s eyes) Long running column in the magazine. Silly news stories from anywhere edited/compiled by Victor Lewis-Smith taking over from Christopher Logue’s “True Stories” (I’m not sure why CL handed it over…)
27 GIN I (one) inside G[ordo]N
28 MESS UP ME (Cyclops) (PUSS)< (rejected cat)
29 FRIENDLY I END L (one arse long) inside (cherished) FRY (Twitterer) Def: Matey. Steven Fry is probably the foremost exponent of the 140 char limit means of communication.
1 DETAINMENT (ED)< (Ref. Ed Balls) (INMATE)* AInd: tortured. NT (part of bible)
2 SCEPTIC C[ameron] inside SEPTIC (festering)
3 ALBERT B[ishop] inside ALERT (with it)
4 LYCRA Hidden in wilLY CRAmps Slightly contrived and obvious
6 HOSANNAS (OH)< [Bori]S ANNA’S Ref. Anna Ford
currently having a public slanging match with Martin Amis
7 SKILLED S[un] KILLED (destoyed)
8 YOGA (GAY)* AInd: movement. about O (love)
9 SPRINKLE (NIL PERKS)* AInd: tricky
13 PRESIDENCY P[alin] RESIDENCY (regular nightclub engagement) Def: Palin’s dream (the world’s nightmare)
16 ANALYSIS Y[en] inside ANAL SIS (arse-like relative) This clue seems to lay out the wordplay with a sledgehammer
17 THANKYOU HANKY (snotrag) inside (OUT)* AInd: perverted
19 REFORMS (ER)< FOR (on accout of) MS (M&S). I was tempted to put in Remarks but knew it didn’t work.
21 ENRAGED (GEAR)* AInd: kinky, inside END (arse). Despite, but of course really because of the appalling image engendered by the surface reading, this gets my top clue lanyard:
Hopping because of kinky gear stuck in arse (7)
22 SWERVE W[eb] inside SERVE (suit) Last clue solved. Misled by “Web’s originator” into thinking of Tim Berners-Lee one of my heroes
24 LAGER (REGAL)< What Brenda is: up
25 ADAM [m]ADAM Ref. 80’s popster Adam Ant

beermagnet’s “Did you know” section:
The volume of a pizza of thickness ‘a’ and radius ‘z’ is given by pi*z*z*a

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 411 – Muck News”

  1. ondol says:

    Given the flippancy with which the hacking to-do has been dealt with, 20/12ac seems rather prophetic.


  2. sidey says:

    Would the volume be in pineapple cubes?

    Good stuff as usual from Cyclops.

  3. Jon88 says:

    5a So should I be proud or embarrassed that I don’t know who Jordan is?

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