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Independent 7296 by Phi

Posted by nmsindy on March 5th, 2010


Usual excellent puzzle from Phi, solving time 32 mins.

* = anagram   < = reversed

Themed, NW corner I found the hardest.


1 LAM Back      Theme of the puzzle, was 4A (MEATS)


7 VEAL      Hidden in loVE A Lot

9 BROOK    Excellent double definition

10 TALE N(o)TED    o = love (nothing)

11 B (RAKE    M) AN      M = edge of mountain (first letter).     A man at the back of a bobsled or bobsleigh who operates the brake, I learnt today.


13 (p)LEADING   ARTICLE    (recital)*      perverse indicates the anagram with wordplay/definition splitting after it.

16 KIDNEY (meat)   MAC (H I N) ES    maces = sticks

16 Gurnard  RAMME(d)

20 S AND  S   (limits needed in scrupulous  ie first and last letters)   HOE  (garden vb)

22 T OE TO T OE    heartless one  = OE    child = TOT

23 Q O R (first letters)  A  N      An alternative spelling of KORAN

24 B (E) E F     End of battlE in British Expeditionary Force.

25  FARCE    Double definition      farce = farcemeat = forcemeat (used for stuffing)

26 P OR  K    Things considered a boundary to park  ie first and last letters p or k


2 AM BE  R

3 B (LOCK  A D)  ED

4 MAKE MINCEMEAT OF     I guessed this on first run through from definition and enumeration without knowing why till later.    Second definition = work on a meat

5 AN (TENN) A    Tenn = Tennessee (US State)

6 SALAMI TECHNIQUE    (tequila machines)*    salami = meat     Taking small amounts of money from a lot of accounts

7 V  IN  Y(a)L     lay< = song less one = a

8 ACETYLENE    (clean e yet)*   e, abbrev for energy used in the anagram

14 EUKARYOTE    (you retake)*   A member of a domain of organisms.   Good to give us an obvious anagram here, which was intriguing with 5 vowels and a Y in its nine letters.  Even when I’d all the crossing letters, I could not guess it and looked in dict.

15 CHINSTRAP   (starch pin)*

17 M I   SHEAR     M I  as in M I 5 etc

19 M O   (modus operandi)  TIF    fit<

21 (d)OWNER     My favourite clue, with a tip-top surface

4 Responses to “Independent 7296 by Phi”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks for the blog, nms – a few I didn’t understand the wordplay for that you’ve cleared up. As you say, usual Phi excellence, but quite an odd theme – meats? It’s not International Carnivore Day or anything, is it?

    Good to see a couple of science-related clues – ACETYLENE was a good surface and I did know EUKARYOTE – big division of the living world into prokaryotes and eukaryotes (although c rather than k is the more usual spelling, I think). All something to do with the way the DNA is packaged in the nucleus, if I remember well, but it’s a long time since I studied it.

    I liked 21dn too, but 3dn gets my vote as best clue.

  2. Derrick Knight says:

    I’m with Niall re EUKARYOTE. Even with the necessarily helpful anagram I had no chance! And I’m at the age where I’ll never remember it unless I meet it again at least a dozen times in the next few weeks. I can’t even remember words from my own clue archive. So, all you setters, a liberal helping of EUKARYOTE please.

  3. Merlyn says:

    EUKARYOTE? Swine of a word!!! My dictionary (Shorter Oxford) didn’t have it so gave up – left me thinking 16A wasn’t Kidney.

  4. Paul B says:

    Into the Hall of Infame (?) with that one.

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