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Financial Times 13,329 / Armonie

Posted by Agentzero on March 9th, 2010


I breezed through three-quarters of this puzzle in five or ten minutes, then got stuck for a while on the last four or five clues.  I am still not sure of 25 down.

1 BADINAGE BAD (unpleasant) IN AGE (advancing years)
5 STARCH STAR (famous) CH (companion)
9 ACCURATE A C (Catholic) CURATE (clergyman)
10 LENDER SLENDER (poor) “beheaded;” uncle = pawnbroker = lender
12 DODGE D (daughter) in DOGE (powerful Venetian)
13 AMENDMENT MEN (workers) in *(TANDEM)
14 INFLUX N (new) FLU (virus) in IX (nine)
16 SHINDIG SHIN (lower leg) DIG (prod)
19 EVENTER ENT (hospital department) in EVER (always)
21 MALICE M (married) ALICE (woman)
23 GO AGAINST GOA (Indian state) GAINS (advances) T (Tibetan capital)
25 CARER RE (soldiers) in CAR (vehicle)
26 AURIGA GI (soldier) reversed in AURA (halo).  Auriga is a constellation
28 TRENCH R (run) in TENCH (fish)
1 BRANDY B (bishop) RANDY (amorous)
2 DECADENCE DE (“of,” French) CADENCE (intonation)
3 NORSE hidden in BeniN OR SEnegal
4 GATEAUX GATE (entrance) A U (superior) X (ten)
6 TREADMILL T (Tory leader) READ (studied) MILL (philosopher, John Stuart Mill)
7 RIDGE [b]RIDGE (English composer) with initial deletion
8 HERITAGE HER[m]ITAGE (the museum in St Petersburg)
11 MESS dd
17 DECORATOR DEC (last month) ORATOR speaker)
20 RUNG dd
21 MATADOR *(TO DRAMA) Theseus fought a bull, and a matador fights bulls, but does that make him a matador?  I might have put a qm on this one
22 CRAYON C (carbon) RAYON (material)
24 AGREE RE (soldier) in AGE A lot of soldiers in this puzzle; RE is being used for a second time
25 CLOUD CROWD Not sure about this.  Collins states that “glory” is “another word for nimbus,” but I’m not sure how cloud = “large number of viewers.”  Conversely, “large number of viewers” could be “CROWD” but I can’t see how that = “glory.” Thanks to Eileen and Steve, who point out that CROWD = CROW (glory in) D (large number).

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,329 / Armonie”

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi Agentzero

    I had CROWD for 25dn: CROW [glory in] + D [large number]. ‘Viewers’ as in football crowd, I thought.

  2. Steve says:

    I think 25d is CROWD = viewers. CROW = exult = glory + D = large number

  3. Agentzero says:

    Thanks to you both! Blog is now fixed. As usual, once something I’ve missed is pointed out to me, it’s perfectly obvious and I can’t see how I overlooked it!

  4. JamesM says:

    Thanks for the blog AZ.

    Strangely, I had no problem with CROWD, but was completely baffled by AURIGA. Despite having all the checkers – zilch!

  5. Nathan Jesurasingham says:

    I really liked this. Plenty of straightforward clues to get me started and then five or six challenging clues at the end to keep me on my toes.

    I did get “LENDER” for 10a but did not understand the word play. I would not have thought of POOR = SLENDER. But I suppose if one’s chances are slender (or slim) that means their chances are poor.

    Thanks to Agentzero for the review and to Armonie for an enjoyable puzzle.

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