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Guardian 24,954 / Chifonie

Posted by Eileen on 10th March 2010


I haven’t much to say about this puzzle. There is nothing contentious, I think, but, for me, no ‘ahas’ or smiles, either, and too many charades, my least favourite type of clue.

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Independent 7,300 by Dac

Posted by Simon Harris on 10th March 2010

Simon Harris.

A mixed one for me, having raced through all but three clues in mere minutes, to find myself completely stumped on 10, 25 and 28. I’ll blame the fact that today’s post has necessarily been prepared in quite a hasty fashion. As a curious side-note, it seems my blogging days have so far coincided with Independent cryptic puzzle numbers 7,000, 7,100, 7,200 and now 7,300.

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Financial Times 13,330 / Io

Posted by smiffy on 10th March 2010


A pretty challenging puzzle, with a rather curiously chosen mini-theme.  My own personal recommendation from the menu would be a No. 5, a No. 11 and a No. 25.

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