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Azed 1971

Posted by John on March 14th, 2010


The usual very satisfactory offering from Azed. I have learned not to look too far for wonderful surfaces, but to admire the faultless construction of his clues.

2 J ASS — one Jack is J, the other is as in jackass, and this is an old spelling of jazz (although I have a niggling doubt about ‘traditional?’, which I can’t understand: I suppose it refers to the fact that jazz originates in black American folk music)
6 S MASHER — had to check that a masher was a flirt
12 ABLUTIONS — (Usain Bolt)* — an &lit. resulting from this nice find
13 TUNE — very clever and it held me up for a while: to tune is to get working smoothly and a fortune is a lot of money
14 FLAM — 2 defs
16 THUSWISE — us in (whites)*
17 ROCHET — ch in (tore)*
18 ArDEN RECently — hidden rev.
21 FISH-TROWEL — (this flower)* — Wheelers is an Oyster Bar in Whitstable, Kent
24 NARDOO — (ran)rev. do 0
26 D’OU AN’ E{nglish} — refers to Henri Rousseau, also known as le douanier — he was a douanier and a douane is a custom house
27 SLOWBURN — (blows)* urn
29 HIRE — “hire”
30 Leaders In Diamond States — first letters — a lid is another word for an eyelid
31 ELEMENTAL — (leme n) in (tale)* — to my surprise there is a nounal sense of elemental
33 DAIL{y}
1 WATERMANSHIP — the clue word, which means the same as oarsmanship, the word I initially intended before seeing that it didn’t fit
3 ALNICO — a L (coin)*
4 SUE T — Sue Townsend, creator of Adrian Mole — Azed justifiably likes this sort of clue — the crossword I blogged seven weeks ago had a play on S Will and J Ben (Shakespeare and Jonson)
6 SIGHT — 2 defs, one of them an old spelling of sighed
8 ANISE — (Siena)*
9 EcHO LINGers — hidden — refers to golf
10 ERASEMENT — semen in (tare)rev.
11 REMEDILESSLY — (Silly me reeds)*
15 LOO (KALI) KE{pt}
20 IRON-RED — on in (Rodin)*
21 F(RO-R{o})EN — an old version of frozen
22 HO(USE)L{y}
23 W(A PIT)I
25 OB(E)LI{ques}
26 hyDROMEchanics — hidden, indicated by ‘department of’ — well I certainly wouldn’t have dared do this in one of Azed’s clue-setting competitions
29 DUbLiN BAy — hidden alternate letters

10 Responses to “Azed 1971”

  1. Mike Laws says:

    Thanks for the explanation of OBELI.

    It couldn’t have been anything else, since so although I hadn’t understood it, apart from E(nglish)’s having to be in it, I got on with trying to write a clue, knowing I could rely on this blog to elucidate!

    I must be getting lazier.

  2. Andrew K says:

    Some very good clues here: ABLUTIONS, DOUANE, SUET, THUSWISE, ELEMENTAL.

    I look forward to the ‘plains’. I’m out of my depth with the ‘specials’

  3. bridgesong says:

    Perhaps the “traditional” in 2 across is just a reference to traditional, or trad, jazz?

    I’ve seen the Usain Bolt/ablutions anagram in a Guardian crossword recently (No 24950, by Arachne, according to the superb search facility on this site), but I’m sure that is just a coincidence.

    There are several other fish restaurants by the name of Wheelers: in fact it used to be a chain. My difficulty was finding fish-trowel in Chambers: it is there, but under fish-carver!

  4. The Trafites says:

    I completed this very quick this week, one of the easiest for a while. Took me ages to come up with a clue to ‘watermanship’, though.

    29dn in the blog isn’t very clear: it should be ‘dUbLiN bAy = ULNA’.


  5. Handel says:

    Very much liked this one, which was made a good deal easier by correctly guessing that the competition word running down the LHS would end ‘…manship’. Look forward to seeing the winning clues in a couple of weeks’ time!

  6. liz says:

    Thanks, John. I didn’t have to resort to aids quite so often with this one and then more to confirm than to solve. But annoyingly still managed to get a letter wrong: I had PENDILE at 32ac, after having PENDANT for a while. Of course, that was the one I didn’t check!

  7. Richard Heald says:

    Re 2 Ac: I think ‘traditional’ is simply Azed’s way of indicating that the spelling of JASS is an obsolete one.

  8. Bob Sharkey says:

    I favour a reading of trad as a possible and most likely type of jazz at the time when ‘jass’ was in currency. However, I’m now feeling a bit of a jackass myself, having used ‘jack’ in my own competition entry. Short-term memory getting worse.

  9. Andrew says:

    liz – snap! (nearly): I had PENTILE for 32ac, which I put in without checking, thinking ENT was a form of “entity”. My brilliant clue (ha ha) is all for nothing :(

  10. Ali says:

    I’m glad to see that Azed rates the USAIN BOLT/ABLUTIONS anagram as his favourite clue in the slip for this puzzle:

    I’d also love to know when he (and Arachne) first thought of it and whether or not it pre-dates me sending it to John Halpern in late 2008:

    I’m still claiming the first public use of it!

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