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Private Eye/Cyclops 412 – Nightmare

Posted by beermagnet on March 15th, 2010


No real problem with this lot – except 18A – for bringing back unpleasant memories, thus the blog title.
You know there are some similarities between her and me: School reports show “hard work and commitment but not brilliance” (check), Studied chemistry (check), Tried to get into Somerville at Oxford (failed in my case – they used to grease the spikes in those days y’know), and some similarities I’m obliged not to reveal.   Just what would’ve happened if she had discovered beer and I had discovered right-wing megalomania and married a millionaire.  Hmmm.  I can feel an alternate-history SF story coming on …
Anyway back to the crossword.

1 STUPID Def: Lunatic. PUTS< (Lays coming from rear) I (Cyclops) D[ate]
9/19 DUMB BRITAIN DUN (Brown) around (RABBIT IM)* AInd: done for. Def: Where you’ll get daft answers. Referring to the long running section in Private Eye that highlights occasion when contestants gave absurd answers to quiz questions.  I’ve previously mentioned my soft spot for the poor contestant who’s flailing around for a quick answer.  Never mind, it’s definitely material for a laugh.
10 CLEVER DICK C[onservatives] LEVER (bar) DICK (Eye – as in private eye)
11 GENITALS (STEALING)* AInd: Nuts. Def: Member, nuts. In retrospect, because it’s so obvious now, I am embarrassed to admit this was my last answer.
12 PORTLY CD/DD “Bristol-like” like a port, and “round and plump”
13 IMMORAL “I’m Mo” (Mowlam as she introduced herself) R[ight] AL [Gore] where would we be without that vice president. Def: Bad
15 IOTA Hidden in rIOT Act.    Just for a change, this little hidden clue jumped out at me and was my first entered answer (often I find inoffensive hidden answers lurk until the end).  Def: scrap. Nice surface.
18 ROBERTS ([lo]R[d] STROBE[s])* AInd: crookedness. Def: Mrs Thatcher once. I presume we all know that woman was once called Margaret Hilda Roberts. The anagrist was acquired in a convoluted manner. Do you know that Roberts is the 9th most common name in England – for the last 40 years or so they’ve been keeping their heads down almost as much as the Thatchers.
Choice of wikis: (Good, Bad and Ugly?)
21 BARSAC BAR (lawyers) SAC[k] (booze getting end away)
24 IMMODEST (TOMMIES D[efence])* AInd: moving
25/5 MISSIONARY POSITION Double-Def “Congress conventionally” and the rest of the clue
26/17 JACKBOOT JACK [Straw] BOOT (what he’ll get after the election). How prescient is the oracle Cyclops? We shall see.
27 UNBIDDEN UN (peacekeepers) BID (try) DEN (retreat)
2 TOUPEE (OUT)* AInd: possibly. PEE (piss) Longish and nicely misleading def: Cover for smooth nut.
3 PUBLICIST PUB (boozer) LIST (tilt) around IC (99) The classic incorrect crossword roman numerals – come on we all know that 99=IC in this context so no moaning. Def: Max. Ref. “Publicist” Max Clifford.  I see that recently News International has apparently tried to buy his silence on the Phone Hacking scandal. Whatever Mr Clifford now does or says, is it me or them that’s being naive to think that the truth is bound to come out eventually? I the meantime surely obvious chequebook non-journalism like this just steeps the participants in the odour of the gutter. As for Max himself, I can reveal he lives quite near me, so I know that despite my opinion of his profession and the level of esteem in which he’s held at the Eye, he’s made himself some friends in the village through his charitable work etc.
4 DECLAIMER (MEDICARE [hospita]L)* AInd: vexed. Def: One going on (and on and on …)
7 TUDOR DO (party) inside RUT< (raised sexual excitement period)
8 OSCULATE OS (unusually large – Over Sized) CU (copper) LATE (behind)
14 LORD MAYOR LORD (“God”) MAYOR (Boris) Def: a lesser public position
15 INSIDE JOB Lovely DD/CD whateveryoucallit probably an &lit really. That’s why this is my “pick of the week”:
Prison librarian, say, and what he’s doing time for? (6,3)
16 DONATION DO (party – again) NATION (the people)
20 PSYCHE Hidden in poPSY CHElsea
22 SUSHI US< (uppish american) SHI[t] (number two has no time)
23/5 CROWD PLEASER CROW (type of bird) D[ate] P[enny] L[ength] EASER (relaxer). Def: popular.

“Thare are five mistukes im this centence”
True or False?

6 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 412 – Nightmare”

  1. bamberger says:

    I thought this was the toughest for a long time.
    Last one in was 21a and that was only because nothing else would fit-how does sack=booze please?

  2. beermagnet says:

    Sack is an old word for fortified wine, i.e. Sherry, now found only in Shakespeare and crosswords: Sack wiki

  3. C. G. Rishikesh says:

    I am glad to note from the official site of PE that entries are accepted by email as well.

    Is there any bar against entries from solvers living overseas? Anyone know?

    I ask this because many Indian newspapers running prize competitions generally specify that these are only for persons living within the country.

  4. beermagnet says:

    I don’t know for sure but I doubt that there is a bar.
    The prize is only cash after all – no particular postage or import/export issues involved.
    I always email the answers in a format similar to how they are presented under the crossword – I’m typing them up for the blog anyway – saves the faff of getting a scan.
    So I suggest you email entries and partake in the vanishingly small chance of winning – I’ve been entering for many years without a sniff of a prize.
    Cyclops appeared here a few months ago to set our minds to rest about the fairness of the prize draw:
    Blog for Eye 400

  5. sidey says:

    I use Doro PDF Writer to ‘print’ a pdf of the completed grid and email that.

    Nice blog btw beermagnet.

  6. Willber G says:

    I use Acrosslite to fill it in and send the completed file to PE via email. I hope that they can read them – I haven’t won yet!

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