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Financial Times 13,335 / Styx

Posted by Agentzero on March 16th, 2010


This was mostly straightforward, but there were some creative elements here, noted below. 

1 REPORT REP (salesman) OR T (“agent”‘s conclusion)
4 SCREWS UP CREW (ship’s company) in PUSS (cat) reversed
10 LIGHT BEER LIGHT (fair) BEE (worker) R (“tucker” at the back)
11 EQUAL *(TEQUILA minus IT)
12 PROTEIN homophone of PRO TEEN (for adolescent)
13 ENTREAT hidden in cENTRE ATtentively
14 EASED *(A SEED) I was at first unsure about the use of “genetically modified” (instead of just “modified”) as the anagram indicator.  However, a gene is a sequence of “letters” (the molecules ACTH, if I recall correctly), so “genetically modified” could indeed mean that the letters are rearranged.  And, of course, it makes for a much better surface!
15 ENTIRETY RE (on) in ENTITY (thing)
18 DRAMATIC I (one) in *(ATM CARD)  I = one ends up getting used three times in this puzzle, which I think is too much.
20 POSER dd
23 ROSELLA ROSE (went up) + ALL (totally) reversed
25 OPENERS E (England) in *(PERSON)
26 POLIO I (one) in POLO (sport)
27 MENTIONED IT reversed + ONE in MEND (patch)
28 DRESSING DR (doctor) + *(SINGES)
29 CHAMPS H (hard) in CAMPS (military bases)
1 RELAPSED LAPS (circuits) in REED (rush)
2 PIGEONS EON (a long time) in PIGS (greedy eaters)
3 ROTTERDAM ROTTER (person who’s corupt) + MAD (angry) reversed
5 CURRENT ACCOUNT CUR (mongrel) RENT (let) + CA reversed (“up about”)+ COUNT (noble)
6 EVENT hidden in sEVEN Taped.  I like the hidden indicator (“Five of …”), and how it blends with the fodder that also includes a number
7 STUDENT odd letters of DiEd in STUNT (daredevil act)
8 PILOTS I (one) in PLOTS (areas of land)
9 NEANDERTHAL MAN [o]NE (one losing head) + *(AT ARNHEM LAND)
16 REPLENISH SIN (offence) in HELPER, all reversed
17 PRESIDES IDE[a] in PRESS (iron)
19 RESOLVE *(LOVERS) + E (energy) “Lacking cohesion” is a great anagram indicator, new to me.
21 STERNUM STERN (back) UM (middle part of “hump”)
22 GRIPED PE[ople] in GRID (network)
24 LIONS N (nitrogen) in *(SOIL)

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  1. verbose says:

    I thought 5d was masterful, on par with Cinephile’s best.

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