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Financial Times 13,327 by Mudd

Posted by Pete Maclean on March 18th, 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of March 6
Here we have two clues with, if I am understanding them correctly, cryptic containment indicators, 6D and 23D. Interesting. I like the latter one.

I also like 10A but it took me a while.

1. SNATCH – double definition
5. TAPESTRY – A (a) + PEST (bore) in TRY (seek to)
9. FLYPAPER – PAP (semi-liquid food) in FLYER (bird)
10. STUPID – TUP (sheep) in SID (James in carry-on). This refers to Sid James, the marvellous South African actor who was such a stalwart presence in many Carry On movies that I enjoyed as a youth.
11. MOSAIC – MO (doctor) + I (one) in SAC (bag)
12. ARTEFACT – reverse hidden word
22. PAINTING – I (one) in PANTING (what hot dog may be doing)
25. WOMBAT – TAB (flap) + MOW (cut) all backwards
26. HOT DOG – HOT (stolen) + DOG (setter perhaps)
27. APTITUDE – TIT (bird) + U[ndo] D[ress] in APE (primate)
28. ATTESTED – AT TEST (attending Lord’s perhaps) + ED (my boss)
29. RARELY – RA (artist) + RELY (lean)

2. NELSON – cryptic definition (Horatio Nelson wore an eyepatch)
3. TOP BANANA – TOP (lead) + BANANA (a fool)
4. HOPSCOTCH – HOP (dance) + SCOTCH (alchohol)
5. TORNADO – TORN (ruined) + A (a) + DO (party)
6. POSIT – I (one) in the POST (sent)
7. STUFF – double definition
8. RAINCOAT – anagram of CROATIAN
13. EVE – palindrome
15. ROSE WATER – AWE (feeling of wonder) backwards in ROSTER (list)
16. PARAMETER – A (a) + RAM (force) in PETE (safe)
17. BREAK OUT – anagram of ARE + K (a thousand) in BOUT (fight)
19. TOT – double definition
20. LAGGARD – DRAG (pull) + GAL (girl) all backwards
21. SANDAL – S[c]ANDAL (bit of dirt with C[arbon] removed)
23. NUDGE – G (good) in the NUDE (naked)
24. INGOT – hidden word

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,327 by Mudd”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Pete, to start with your ‘cryptic containment indicators’, it took a while to understand them, but indeed, quite original.
    You liked 23d, we liked the other one more.
    The reason is that ‘nude’ really needs ‘the’, and ‘post’ ultimately can do without.

    Fun to see His Holy Naughtiness decide to clue just two missing letters (UD) by Undo Dress in 27ac.
    A pity though that the solution of 29ac (RARELY) has so much in common with the definition (‘scarcely’).

    The three ‘work(s) of art’ were all very neat.
    But, again, a pity that 28’s ATTESTED is so similar to one of the words in the clue (‘attending’).

    Clue of the day for us: ARTEFACT – brilliant reversal in a fine surface.

    Good crossword.

  2. Richard says:

    I liked this very much. Just at the right level and no impossibly obscure references or solutions. That said, PETER = safe is a bit baffling. Is this a reference to St Peter?

  3. Pete Maclean says:

    Peter is a slang word for safe in the sense of a strongbox. This is not a commonly used term and I know it only from encountering it in crossword puzzles before. (You might think that, since my own given name is Peter, I might have been better informed, but no!)

    I have attempted to determine its etymology without success — probably because its derivation is centuries old and lost. See for example, some discussion of the matter at

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