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Financial Times 13338 / Viking

Posted by shuchi on March 19th, 2010


I had a great time with this puzzle. Not as hard as Viking usually is, but with lots of clever wordplay. Thank you Viking.


1 SELF-CLEANING (LENS IF GLANCE)* A nice &lit to start off the puzzle.
8 BONJOUR BONSOIR RIO SNOB (pretentious Brazilian) reversed. // Updated: Thanks to Gaufrid, Mike04, John French.
9 UNCLASP UNCL[e] (pawnbroker, mostly) ASP (a reptile)
11 ENTRANT ERRANT (looking for adventure) – R (first run) + NT (books). ERRANT has 2 Rs; Viking taken care to indicate which one to substitute.
12 EXTREME EX (former) TREE (elder) around M (mass)
13 TIMID (IT)< (DIM)< (gloomy, from the east)
14 ADDRESSES (DA)< (lawyer i.e. District Attorney, backs) DRESSES (formal clothing)
16 ESCAPE KEY ESCAPE (get away) KEY (part of Florida, ref: Florida Keys). Alludes to the escape key on a computer keyboard, which gets one out of jammed processes. Lovely play on ‘freeze’, the surface makes one think of visiting warm Florida during the winters.
19 ON CUE sounds like ‘on Q’ (about to get letter)
21 SOLACES LACE (doctor) in SOS (appeal). Another good clue.
23 ENDORSE from ‘attEND OR SEnd’. I’m always bowled over by such cleverly hidden answers.
24 NURTURE RUT (train track) RUN (to cover a distance), all reversed i.e. to the west + E (east)
26 DETERMINEDLY DETER (check), (DENY IM)* around L (pound)


1 SANCTUM ANC (African National Congress, South Africa’s governing party) in STUMP (defeat) – P (losing power)
2 LEOPARD POE (writer) reversed, in LARD (fat). ‘fat cat’ blends beautifully.
3 CART-TRACK CART and (CART)< = vehicles travelling in both directions, + [bloc]K
4 ELUDE DELUDE (fool) – D
7 OBJECT LESSON (OBSOLESCENT) * around J (judge). An object lesson is a warning or instructive experience.
10 PRESS RELEASE PRESS (urge) RELEASE (acquittal)
15 DAY RETURN cd&d
17 CALORIE A (one) (I ROLE)*, after C (short for carbon)
18 PICTURE PI (sanctimonious) CURE (remedy) around T (time)
20 CURSORY SCURRY (dash), with head down => moving the S below; around O (nothing)
22 STEAM A (one) in STEM (check)

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13338 / Viking”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Shuchi
    You fell into the same trap as I did initially with 8a. It is BONSOIR – RIO SNOB (pretentious Brazilian) reversed.

    In 24ac, ‘train’ is the definition so it is just RUT (track) …..
    3dn is CART CART< K

  2. Mike04 says:

    Many thanks for the blog, shuchi.

    Viking’s clues are great fun. The surface readings are always very smooth and I thoroughly enjoy being so easily misled!

    In 8ac, a RIO SNOB is returning the greeting!
    The word CUE in 19ac is the seventeenth letter of the alphabet.

  3. John French says:

    8 ac BONSOIR RIO SNOB rev.

    24 ac NURTURE =train; RUT (train track) …

  4. shuchi says:

    Thanks everyone. Awesome clue, 8A. I wrongly assumed it’d have a Brazilian proper name in it.

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