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Financial Times 13,343 / Orense

Posted by smiffy on 25th March 2010


Another typically solid puzzle from Orense (does anyone know whether the correct pronunciation is O-rense or Oar-ense? I’ve always wondered.).  One answer entered more in hope than expectation at 7D.

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Independent 7,313/Nestor

Posted by Ali on 25th March 2010


Apologies, I’ll need to be brief today, so won’t be able to give this the full treatment it deserves. I found this to be a tough but very enjoyable puzzle from Nestor. I often tend to struggle with single-word answers of 10+ letters – 6A and 8D being the culprits here – but got there in the end. There are some great clues in here, 17A and 12D being my pick of the bunch. And yes, there’s a Nina in there too!

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Independent on Sunday 1049 by Quixote 21st March 2010

Posted by Handel on 25th March 2010


The usual enjoyable bag of tricks from Quixote. A couple of inventive clues stood out for us: 6 down and 17 across.

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Guardian 24,967 – Orlando

Posted by Andrew on 25th March 2010


Good fun from Orlando today with a theme of famous Belgians, and a few references to Belgium in some of the clues as well. Sound and inventive clueing throughout, with some trickily-concealed defintiions and wordplay. There was a Famous Belgians puzzle from Paul just over a year ago which I also blogged, and which has (not surprisingly) a few answers in common with this one.

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Inquisitor 1117: 7 Down by Schadenfreude

Posted by HolyGhost on 25th March 2010


Each across answer produces a single clash with a down answer, the latter being the grid entry. The unentered letters are one definition of 7d, which itself cryptically indicates one item in each column, to be highlighted (63 cells).
Initially, pencilled-in answers don’t necessarily help that much with intersecting answers … but lots of clues could be solved cold, so once a clash has been identified, the remaining across letters are known to be part of the finished grid; and, when all but one of the letters in an across answer are confirmed, the remaining letter is known to give no additional help with the intersecting down answer.

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Financial Times 13,334 – Falcon

Posted by Uncle Yap on 25th March 2010

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 15 March 2010
Quite a varied potpourri of not-too-difficult clues. Very fair and entertaining.

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Financial Times 13,333 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on 25th March 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of March 15
I remember FT puzzle number 10,000 and now here we are a third of the way through another batch of 10,000. Cincinnus marks the occasion with an especially fine puzzle, highlighted by a smashing 6D. I also particularly like 9A, 13A and 21A. And there is one clue whose working I do not completely understand, 25A. Surely someone will fill me in.

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