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Inquisitor 1117: 7 Down by Schadenfreude

Posted by HolyGhost on March 25th, 2010


Each across answer produces a single clash with a down answer, the latter being the grid entry. The unentered letters are one definition of 7d, which itself cryptically indicates one item in each column, to be highlighted (63 cells).
Initially, pencilled-in answers don’t necessarily help that much with intersecting answers … but lots of clues could be solved cold, so once a clash has been identified, the remaining across letters are known to be part of the finished grid; and, when all but one of the letters in an across answer are confirmed, the remaining letter is known to give no additional help with the intersecting down answer.

Nearly done, and we find that 7d is S??U?, and the clashes give BODILY CARRIAGE AND PHYSIQUE. Admittedly (I was losing a little interest by now), I used a reverse dictionary to discover that this turns out to be one definition of SET-UP, and so in each column I looked for a synonym of SET written UPwards, finding LOT, ARRAY, COTERIE, RIGID, ORDAIN, DIRECT, RATE, STUD, PUT, SETTLED, LAID, APPLY, & KNIT. (The information that there were 63 letters helped at the margin, since in col.4, RIG and TAR mean “set up” and “set on”.)

OK – but not one of Schadenfreude’s best. Also, I would have expected the two-word answers (35a and 29d) to have some indication of such, and I haven’t seen “climbing” to indicate reversal of an across entry before (42a).

No. Answer Clash Wordplay
1 BEEF B BEE (=the second letter) + F(ollowing)
4 ATOCS O A(ctive) + TO (=near) + (Tu)CS(on)
9 DYE D D(eserted) + YE (=the, archaic)
12 CHAI I Double definition (=tea =Rosie Lee)
13 LILO L [(p)ILLO(w)]*
14 LYRATE Y [EARLY + T(in)]*
15 CLAP C C(harlie) + PAL (=friend) rev.
16 STATORS A [O(scar) + STARTS]*
17 EUROPE R E(nglish) + ROPE (=climbing party) around U(niform)
18 RETINITE R TIN (=metal) + IT in REE (=yard, Scot)
21 LION I OIL (=news) rev. + N(ew)
24 AVERSE A AVER (=affirm) + SE (=South+East =two points)
26 GARTERS G R’S (=Queen’s) after [GREAT]*
29 STEDDY E S(pecial) + TEDDY (=undergarment)
31 TRAT A FRAT(ernity) + T(ime) for F(ine)
33 CRUMHORN N RUM (=unusual) in CH(urch) + OR (=before) + N(oon)
35 WAR GOD D GO (=work) in WARD (=part of hospital)
37 ATROPIN P A(ustralian) + PORT (=wine) rev. + IN (=into)
39 RAHU H Hidden: (fea)R A HU(ngry)
40 SANITY Y [ISN’T A]* + (qualit)Y
41 URNS S (t)URNS (=hands over)
42 PAIK I A(bout) in KIP (=hill) rev.
43 QAT Q Q(ueen) + TA (=Territorial Army =volunteers) rev.
44 SNAFU U U(nited) + FANS (=supporters) rev.
45 YLKE E L(iberal) + K(ing) in YE (=you, archaic)
No. Answer Wordplay
1 TOLSELS TO + [SELL]* + S(econds)
2 EIRE E(ngagement) + IRE (=keen resentment)
3 FRATI F(ellow) + RAT (=desert) + I(sland)
4 ANTONIA ANTONI(o) (=Sebastian’s friend {ref: Twelfth Night}) + A(ccepted)
{ref: Antonia Fraser}
5 CHASTE CHASE (=horse race) around T(roy)
6 CAREENED [CRANE]* around EE (=eye, Scot =water pump) + (ha)D
7 SET-UP {see preamble}
8 DELT D(ied) + ELT (=young pig)
9 GIAOURS GI (=soldier) + A(cting) + OUR + S(eventy)
10 EOCENE O(ld) + CE (=Church {of England}) in E’EN (=evening)
11 ALTERITY [REALITY TV – V(ictor)]*
19 TEST Double definition
20 ASPERITY AS (=like) + PER (=a) + CITY – C(onstant)
22 NIDI I + (ha)D in N(orthern) + I(taly)
23 DRY-CLEAN DR (=doctor) + YC (=Young Conservatives) + LEAN (=taking extra time)
25 CURRANT Homophone: current (=passing from person to person)
27 RAM-RAID A + M(aster) in RR (=Rolls-Royce =superior car) + AID (=assist)
28 STINKER (defeat)S + TINKER (=potter)
29 SOW BUG SOW (=spread) + BUG (=viral disease)
30 ARANEA RAN (=hunted) in A + EA (=ditch)
32 ROUPS R(un) + OUS (=men, African) around P(ositive)
34 HONEY ONE (=I) in H(otel) + Y(ard)
36 GIRR R(ight) + RIG (=equipment) rev.
38 DIAL LAID (=covered) rev.

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