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Financial Times 13,344 / Falcon

Posted by Gaufrid on March 26th, 2010


Unfortunately Shuchi is unable to join us today so here is a substitute analysis. A fairly straightforward puzzle in the main but I have to admit that I had never heard of 12ac or 19ac before today and 27ac was only a very dim memory.

1 WHITE CHRISTMAS  WHITE (chess player) CH (check) *(IS SMART) – defn. ‘a standard’
11 REPROBATE  RE (about) PROBATE (proving of will)
12 ROBARDS  BAR (pub) in RODS (struts) – Jason Robards Sr, Jason Robards or Sam Robards, take your pick
13 DISMISS  DI’S (Diana’s) MISS (escape)
14 BLUNT  dd
16 ANCHORMAN  CH (church) in A NORMA (girl) N (new)
19 RED PEPPER  RED (embarrassed) PEPPER (sergeant, of Beatles fame) – a UK magazine apparently
22 CATSUIT  A T[o-do] in C (Conservative) SUIT (clubs, say)
25 LIGNITE  [mil]L IGNITE (burn)
27 EAST LYNNE  LYNN (girl) in EASTE[r] (festival shortened) – a novel by Ellen Wood
28 NERVE  hidden in ‘opeNER VErsatile’

2 HIDEBOUND  HIDE (cloak) BOUND (spring)
3 TUTOR  [augus]T in ROUT (decisive defeat) reversed
4 CARDSHARP  CARD (character) SHARP (cutting)
5 RAPID  P (power) in RAID (attack)
6 SNOWSTORM  NOW (present) in S (small) STORM (controversy)
7 MIAMI  M (miles) I *(AIM)
8 STETSON  S (sun) in STET (put back) ON
9 SCARAB  SCAR[e] (a good deal of alarm) A B (black)
15 THE OUTLAW  OUT (in the shops) in *(WEALTH)
17 CORAL REEF  ORAL (said) in CREE (Indian) F (fellow)
18 MARDI GRAS  MAR (spoil) RA (artist) in DIGS (lodgings)
19 RICKETS  [c]RICKETS (insects not initially)
21 THEBES  HEBE (goddess) in T[hi]S
23 TASTE  S[ecurity] in TATE (gallery)
24 TANGO  TAN (beat) G (good) O (disc)
26 GONER  GONE (used up) [wate]R

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,344 / Falcon”

  1. Conrad Cork says:

    Wasn’t East Lynne famous for the phrase ‘gone – and never called me mother’? (Mind you I always thought that should have been the epitaph of the man who invented the telephone. I’ll get my coat.)

  2. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Conrad
    According to Wikipedia the phrase does not appear in the original book, quote:

    “The much-“quoted” line: “Gone! And never called me mother!” (variant: “Dead! Dead! And never called me mother!”) does not appear in the book version of East Lynne. Both variants come from later stage adaptations.”

  3. Eileen says:

    Hi Gaufrid – thanks for standing in.

    Yes, I found that in Wiki, too. No matter – I remember weeping over this book as a teenager and, if that line is really not in it, there’s something very like it! I certainly never saw a stage version.

  4. JamesM says:

    I’m disappointed in that I thought as Conrad did re EAST LYNNE. However, I was completely baffled by RED PEPPER(got it but didn’t know why) and THE OUTLAW (never heard of it!).

    Like Conrad, must get out more!

  5. Gaufrid says:

    I have just downloaded (thanks Gutenberg) and searched the original novel and can confirm that the phrase (nor anything similar, sorry Eileen) does not appear in the text.

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