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Beelzebub 1,048 (21/03/2010)

Posted by Simon Harris on 28th March 2010

Simon Harris.

I’d say this was about average difficulty for Beelzebub, without too much to comment on, other than the unusually large number of abbreviations used – which became evident on formatting the HTML for this post!

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Azed 1973

Posted by jetdoc on 28th March 2010


For me, this was very much at the easy end of the Azed spectrum, though I needed a dictionary to check a few words. No special favourite clue this week, though there are several I like.

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Everyman 3312

Posted by Arthur on 28th March 2010


This was nice and pretty gentle. The main features worth noting are three 15-letter anagrams and a rather nice long even-letters clue. If I was in a complaining mood I would say that it would have been more impressive if all four long clues were anagrams, but as it is, this passed the time very pleasantly. 15dn, I am still not wholly sure on part of it, but I’m sure I’ll be put right nice and quickly on here. Read the rest of this entry »

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