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Private Eye/Cyclops 413 – Drag me down

Posted by beermagnet on March 29th, 2010


Our text today is taken from St Eter of the Managras:
Yea, it is harder for a good man to answer the inquiry of Chilcot than a Queen Bee to enter a Myrtle. Or something like that anyway.

Solving time: <10 mins which is very good for me. Unusually, I was not drinking at the time. Maybe that’s the secret to fast times. Unfortunately I have been drinking now, i.e. before writing this blog, because I forgot to do it earlier in the week. So any mistakes or incomprehensibilitiness just blame me.

8 METHANOL (H MANTEL O)* AInd: novel. First read. first answered, and lovely topical surface:
H. Mantel’s novel about love for alcohol (8)
9 RETURN ER< (flipping Brenda) TURN (go off) Def. Hit back – like a tennis ball. Last to go in after thinking initially of RETORT and failing to justify it (TORT = “go off”? No.), then trying to convince myself that RETIRE might mean “Hit back” (again: No), before thinking of RETURN
10 MYRTLE MY (Well!) R[ight] (LET)* AInd: off
11 SYNDROME Homophone “sinned” (transgressed) ROME (city)
12 QUEEN BEE QUEEN (Brenda) BEE (buzzer)
16/18 THE IRAQ INQUIRY (HARRY QUIET IN QI)* AInd: broadcast. Ref Chilcot
20 DRAGON DRAG ON Ref. Dragon’s Den where Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden are two of the Dragons. I did not know this and thought the clue referred to the Peter Jones clothes shop in Chelsea (now part of John Lewis it seems) which didn’t stop me getting the answer and only realised the connection to the popular televisual entertainment when googling for the shop’s website
21 JOHN BULL JOHN (Major) BULL (bollocks)
23 PATHETIC PA (pop – father) THE (article) IT< (about sex) C[old]
25 MUCK UP MUCK (filth) UP (all over – as in “the game’s up”) Def. Muff – as in mistake
27 EMINENCE EMIN (Brit artist – ref Our Our Tracy) [p]ENCE
1 SEE YOU [peni]S EE YOU (crossword solver)
2/4 CHATTERING CLASSES CD/DD I needed a fair few letters before this fell. This brought to mind the sketches with the two Johns and their wives in the Rory Bremner Show. Clue:
For those who want to learn how to gas dinner party intellectuals? (10,7)
3/7 KNEE TREMBLER CD/DD Obviously one of Cyclops’s favourite phrases too. I preferred earlier clues for this:  Eye399, Eye370.  Almost a single-def here:  A quick shag, no lying (4-8)
13 BRAINSTORM (BRIAN’S MOST R[ight])* AInd: agitated
15 THUMBSCREW THUMB’S (Little Tom’s) CREW (team) I’ve seen very similar wordplay for this such as, er, here guardian-24778-brummie and here guardian-24730-arachne. Oh the power of site search!
17 HARD AT IT HARD (not easy) A TIT (a plonker)
22 LAUNCH LA UN (the one French) C[onservative] H[ot]
24/25 HATE MAIL (A THE)* AInd: involved. MAIL (Tory rag)

Late news: The late spring seems to have claimed another victim.  An ice cream man was found dead in his van covered in chocolate sauce and sprinkles.
Police believe he topped himself.

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  1. trailman says:

    My first attempt at an Eye puzzle for some time (though I’ve been a subscriber for years). I know Cyclops’ reputation, of using Eye in-jokes and assorted rudenesses, but even so was surprised to rush through it in a time not much more than beermagnet’s <10mins. Enjoyable though all the same. Agree, 8A is the stand-out clue.

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