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Financial Times 13,355 / Falcon

Posted by shuchi on April 9th, 2010


A wide spread of domains covered today – books, film, food, places, famous people. Harder than Falcon’s usual; fine clueing as always.


1 BRUTUS BRUT (very dry, used of wine) US. The statesman is Marcus Junius Brutus, best known for his involvement in the assassination conspiracy against Julius Caesar.
5 CLASS ACT CLASS (kind) ACT (imitate)
9 AIREDALE AIRED (publicised) ALE (beer). Barker => one that barks. Airedale is a breed of terrier.
10 BARMAN ARM (member) in BAN (stop)
11 HIDING DIN (row) in HIG[h] (school, almost)
14 BRIGHTON ROCK B (book) RIGHT ON (trendy) ROCK (type of music). A 1938 novel by Graham Greene.
18 RAPSCALLIONS RAP (hit) SCALLIONS (green onions) //Updated, see comment#1.
25 RABBIT RABBI (minister) T[emple]
26 MARINA [prisone]R in MAIN (key) A (article) //Added. Thanks, Gaufrid.
27 BEETROOT sounds like ‘beats route’
28 FEVERFEW (FREE)* around V (very), FEW (rare)
29 SAYERS SAYS (speaks) around [h]ER (that woman, losing H). Refers to Dorothy L. SAyers.


3 THE BIG BUS THE (article), B (bishop) in BIG (grown-up) US (American). Not a film I knew of; Wikipedia describes it as a spoof comedy about an enormous nuclear-powered bus called Cyclops (named thus due to its single large headlight).
4 SHANGRI-LA HANG (put up) in SRI-L (Northern half of SRI-LANKA, the new name for Ceylon) + A. Shangri-La is a fictional happy land described in the 1933 novel Lost Horizon. [A 1992 Hindi film took inspiration and had its villain headquartered in a dystopian Shangri-La, called Dongri-la.]
5 CHERISH HER IS (island) in CH (ISO abbreviation for Switzerland)
6 ALBUM A L (line) BUM (tramp)
7 SCRUB SCRUBS (surgeon’s clothes) – S
8 CHARLOCK CHAR (fish) LOCK (bar). Had to look this up. Charlock is a wild mustard.
13 OWN DOWN (drink) – D
15 ODOURLESS (SOLES)* aound DOUR (grim)
16 RASPBERRY RASP (jar) BERRY (Chuck, perhaps)
17 CARAPACE CAR (vehicle) APACE (quickly)
19 CUE CU (copper) [warehous]E
20 LONGBOW LONG (pine) BOW[l] (hollow, base missing)
21 VIGOUR VIGO (Spanish port) UR (ancient city)
23 MAIZE I in MAZE (jungle)
24 STAFF STAFFA (Hebridian island) – A

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,355 / Falcon”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Shuchi
    In 18ac ‘green onion’ is another name for a scallion so it’s just rap=hit.
    26ac is MARINA [prisone]R in MAIN (key) A (article) defn. ‘dock’

  2. shuchi says:

    Thank you Gaufrid. Updated the post.

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