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Independent 7326/Phi

Posted by John on April 9th, 2010


A typically pleasant Phi offering. Rather a strange grid, which suggests to me that there is some Nina. But as usual I’m asking for help.

Actually Phi may just be saving himself work. I’ve never seen a daily cryptic with so few clues.

5 RUTHERFORDIUM — (furthermor{e} i u d)*
8 STENCILLED — (c ill) in (tense)* d, definition ‘drawn,in a way’
9 L AT E{vening}
10 FOXY — (of)rev. x y
11 INN U({gam}E)NDOES
12 P(HARM A C OP)OE I A{dmired}
17 O(V 1)D{e}
18 KI{n} WI{n}
19 PE N{ot} M{any} ANS HIP
20 EMINENT DOMAIN — (named in no time)* — not a term I knew, but easy enough I suppose
1 STINGY — 2 defs
2 DELIRIUM — (mu I riled)rev.
3 C RADLE{y} — ref Radley College, which produced Peter Cook, Ted Dexter, Andrew Srauss, …
4 D (IS) LODGE — someone like Martin Amis, the writer, is the writer David Lodge
5 RETROSPECTIVE — (river Po etc set)*
7 MAT(HE)MAT ICI AN — Fermat was French, so his ‘here’ is ‘ici’
13 APERITIF — (partie{s})* if
17 OSSIAN — (is so)rev. an

4 Responses to “Independent 7326/Phi”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks John, for the early (or late) blog. Grump from yesterday gone, with an enjoyable and not too difficult solve with a couple of nice science clues – much more up my street. I’d never heard of 20ac either, and I’d never come across ‘neat’ as meaning stingy or mean, but it’s there in Collins.

    Didn’t understand the wordplay for KIWI or MATHEMATICIAN, so thanks for explaining those. I can’t see a Nina either, but I’m rubbish at spotting them, so it doesn’t mean there’s not one there.

  2. Ian says:

    Thank you John.

    Picked up the Indy this afternoon in Sidmouth and spent a pleasant couple of hours on the beach with this astonishing effort from Phi.

    Enigmatist/Nimrod-like for the daring use of very long single word answers which turned out to be relatively straightforward. Apart from 12ac that is (the last 7 letters). Of course the wordplay was easy to follow but the word is new to me.

    Very enjoyable but, unlike K’s Dad, I found this on the hard side of medium with no Chambers to consult till I got home to finish it.

    Bravo Phi!!

    P.S. Can’t see a Nina either.

  3. Tatrasman says:

    Kathryn’s Dad: 1D is actually ‘near’ (quite commonly used for ‘mean’) not ‘neat’.

  4. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Tatrasman, it was a typo – I meant to type ‘near’ – but it’s not a usage that I’ve come across before, I don’t think. He’s near = He’s mean/stingy? Maybe it’s a regional usage?

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