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Independent 7330 by Dac

Posted by nmsindy on April 14th, 2010


I found this very easy, solving time 13 mins.

anagram = *  reversed = <


1 SPECKS    Kid in SPECS

5 TELEMANN    German composer who I’d not heard of but managed to work out from the wordplay (Lent)* around (name)* – as it happens ‘name’ is also reversed, but the clue is of course quite correct as it’s also an anagram indicated by ‘changed’, I think

9 DOUBLE NEGATIVE   Cryptic definition from the two ‘nos’.    Example of such a wrong usage given in Collins is “I wouldn’t never have believed it”

10 TATE MODERN    Took me a while to see the wordplay here.   I think it’s TAT (rubbish) then (RE DOME)<  ie ‘review’ ‘about millennium monument’ N (new)

11 LUDO    gLUm DO

13 DAGGA  (marijuana)   “dagger”     refers to Shakespeare’s  play Macbeth in which he kills King Duncan with a dagger

15 APPENDIX     A “penned dick’s”    ‘Private Eye’ one of three other publications referred to in today’s crossword.  dick = detective (US) = private eye


19 LARDY    doctoR in LADY

20 TSAR    Hidden in thaT SARkozy

21 SARAH PALIN    (HAS)< around A R(Republican) PAL(crony)  IN (elected)

22 SPECTATOR (weekly – publication reference no. 2) SPORT    afteRnoon in SPOT

24 PARSONIC     PIC around ARSON



2 PROS AND CONS     pros and cons are both ‘groups acting illegally’.    Definition:  arguments

3 CABLE    The politician and guy = cable (rope)

4 STEGOSAUR   (sure goats)*

5 THERESA   (heaters)*

6 LEARN    hidden in schooL EARNestly

7 MAINLINER   Cryptic double definition punning on ‘train’ (railways) and ‘user’ (of drugs)

8 NÉE   Two pieces of wordplay here – hidden in PyreNEEs also NE E (Spain – IVR – cars)

12 DAILY MIRROR   ( Publication reference no. 3)  (lorry raid M1)*

14 GOVERNESS    (Never go)* SS (Sunday school).    Amusing surface


18 ERRATIC   TAR< in ERIC (Morecambe) – comedian

21 SIT-IN   (NIT IS)<

22 ALPEN    A L PEN   Brand name for breakfast cereal, I think,  so alternative to ‘porridge’

23 SEA   SEAL less final letter   seal(vb) = hunt for seals

6 Responses to “Independent 7330 by Dac”

  1. walruss says:

    Well-written and inventive. It was a lovely solve following my possibly lucky success with Araucaria this morning! For some reason the STEGOSAUR clue caused me almost to break a rib with the giggles. Not sure it was meant to do that.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Success with Araucaria is a yet to be achieved goal in this solver’s career, walruss, but you’re right about this puzzle. Cleverly constructed clues, elegant surfaces as always (14dn is the best), and my giggle was LARDY at 19ac.

    PARSONIC is a bit obscure, but entirely fair (maybe Dac didn’t fancy clueing it around the famous hedgehog), and I didn’t know SEAL could be used as a verb for hunting the cute little fellows.

  3. Duggie says:

    Another masterpiece from the Wednesday genius. Go compare his flawless surfaces and constructions with the tortuous/torturous ramblings elsewhere.

  4. Merlyn says:

    I got this all except Dagga (Dogma was the only word I could find that fit, and I had no idea why it would work).

    You’re right – Alpen is a breakfast cereal; I liked this clue

  5. Dave Ellison says:

    I thought it was easy, too, though it is the first time I have done one by this setter – it took me about 20′ on my exercise cycle (The xeroxed copy just about survived the sweat). However, I can’t say I found him/her very exciting, and Araucaria today was much more interesting.

  6. Moose says:

    Got all but 13a.Not heard of dagga but a good clue nonetheless.About 20 mins to (almost!) solve.Thanks Dac!

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