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Independent 7327 (Sat 10 Apr) Scorpion – Brotherly Love?

Posted by beermagnet on April 16th, 2010


No Nina or theme that I can see despite the perimeter of grids like this often being used for such purposes. But then I often miss them. For instance I was blissfully unaware of last week’s ‘font’ theme.
There are some lovely surfaces to most of the clues in this puzzle.
However I have tackled harder puzzles by Scorpion.

Help needed with 2 down – who are those guys?

8 BARBRA STREISAND BARB (Sting) RA (artist) (ENDS SITAR)* AInd:upsetting Def: songstress. The original Funny Girl
9 REAL (LEA[the]R)* AInd: plastic. First answer entered – for some reason I saw the wordplay immediately, but the clue has a very smooth surface:
Genuine leather, except for the plastic (4)
11 JOCKEY C[lubs] inside JOKEY (comic)
12 CRAWL RAW (green) inside CL from C[herwel]L (banks of Cherwell) Def: fawn.
14 YUMMIEST [turke]Y [t]UMMIES T I think: ‘have time to rest finally’ instructs us to move the T for time from TUMMIES to rest at the end.
16 WADDING DD IN inside WAG Def: ‘Cotton wool?’
17 SNIGGER S[choolboy (GINGER)* AInd: nuts.
18 FEARSOME SO (standing order) inside ARM (branch) all inside FEE (charge) Def. dreadful
20 RUPEE R U (‘are you’ in txtspk) PEE (Jimmy – as in Jimmy Riddle, rhyming slang)
21 ORWELL (LOWER)* AInd: ordered, then [schoo]L.  Ref. Eric Blair / George Orwell.  Initially I tried to get an anagram from Blair+L.
23 PAT Reversed first letters T[opless] A[t] P[ark]
24 JAVA J[udge] A[ttack] V[ery] A[busively] Def. language of PC.
25 UP THE GARDEN PATH CD First of the long answers entered from what I felt was an easy CD.
1 PAPER CHASE PERCH (pole) inside A and A (Americans) all inside ESP reversed.
Last one in. Misled by ‘Pole’ – I thought it would be just N or S, and that Americans were more likely ‘US’
2 ABEL Def. Victim. Are James G, William M and John K all fratricide victims or something? I can’t see any connection. Full clue:
Famous victim, like James G, William M, John K? (4)
3 MAGDALEN COLLEGE MAG (Journal), (ALLEGED CLONE)* AInd: dissected.
4 STUMPY U MP (Unionist member) inside STY (swine living in this)
5 BENJAMIN BRITTEN JAM (crowd) inside BENIN (in W Africa) BRIT (music award) TEN (number)
6 PSYCHING UP (SPY)* AInd: sneakily, G[erman] inside CHIN-UP
7 KNEE Well hidden reversed inside GrEEN-Keepers. Def. part of pin. Pin as in leg.
13 ANDERLECHT RED< LECH (Walesa) inside ANT (worker). Def. ‘ Where European strikers go?’ as in football forwards.
15 STEVE OVETT EVE (first woman) inside STOVE (range) TT (times) Lord Coe’s erstwhile rival
19 EXPERT XP (Windows type) inside TREE<
22 ROPE DD Hitchcock film; Guy rope.
24 JAPE [con]J[ure] APE (mirror)

4 Responses to “Independent 7327 (Sat 10 Apr) Scorpion – Brotherly Love?”

  1. Fletch says:

    Hi beermagnet. They were other presidents assassinated in office: James Garfield, William McKinley and of course John Kennedy.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Great blog, beermagnet

    I too found this v easy by Scorpion’s normal standards. Very enjoyable. 2D also refers to ABE Lincoln of course – I did get the idea all right. Favourite clue JOCKEY, also esp liked PAT.

  3. Allan_C says:

    Liked the Windows reference in EXPERT

  4. Simon Harris says:

    Enjoyed this one, and found it easier than I remember other Scorpions being.

    Although I can’t quite put my finger on it, there is something going on in there. In fact I wondered if your title was a reference to it.

    In two columns of unchecked squares are the words SIGMA and MIU. This made me think of US college fraternities, and prompted a search for a third, but no progress beyond that.

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