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Independent 7335 by Dac

Posted by nmsindy on April 20th, 2010


Fine puzzle from Dac as always.    A nice balance with less familiar answers given easier wordplay, solving time 26 mins.

* = anagram


1  FALL FOR    F (FLORAL)*      My joint favourite clue today, along with 11 and 27.    Definition: fancy



10 GONER   ON in GER

11 BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT   (LET NATION selecT BIG STAR)*     A beautifully constructed &lit clue.


18 INVESTOR    INVENTOR  with S for N

19 QUEEN’S PARK RANGERS      A London football team (in the second tier of English football).

Royal residence in Scotland with extensive grounds where ‘rangers’ might work gives the cryptic part.

25 KNEL(l)  priesT       “sound” here does NOT indicate a homophone

26 VERITABLE     Blue in (RELATIVE)*

27 RUSTLER     One of my trio of clues of the day   ST in RULE at Ranch  &lit

28 TREASON    (RATE’S)*  ONly      Good surface reading


1 FAST    Double definition

2 LOBO    LOO around B      Another name for timber wolf (US)



5 MARIACHI    Mexican street musicians, I confirmed after.   MARCH around I A then I

6 BEGUN    This held me up as I first pencilled in BEGAN but could not justify the wordplay.  EG (say) in BUN (cake)

7 LANDGRAVES    LAND GRAVES (ie get the wine after a successful bid)


12 STRIP POKER    Safari   TRIPPER around OK


16 POUSSETTE     (STEPS OUT E)*   e = energy


20 BEIRUT   “bay route”

22 RATEL    E  in R AT L     runs towards lake = runs at lake

23 IBIS    I B IS

24 BENN    Tony Benn   BENIN less I

13 Responses to “Independent 7335 by Dac”

  1. Mick Hodgkin says:

    For those of us solving in the dead tree version, there was a moment of panic at the sight of a gridless inside back page, followed by a frantic search through the paper until the crossword was finally located buried inside, on p55. Otherwise reasonably presented in the new redesign, except that the setter’s name is inexplicably in a point size so small it’s barely visible to the naked eye. What’s that all about, Mike – someone want to cut us down to size?
    Content-wise, of course, ’twas a pleasure – I loved the QUEEN’S PARK RANGERS clue, and also BEIRUT, being a homophonophile. SOB SISTER was new to me, but guessable.
    Thanks for puzzle and blog.

  2. nmsindy says:

    They indicated where the crosswords were in the index on Page 3, also while I could be wrong, the puzzle seemed to have more space than sometimes recently.

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, nms. Enjoyable as always from Dac, and managed to finish with just a couple of flirts with on-line wordsearches. Learned some new words and expressions (LANDGRAVE and SOB SISTER) but seem to remember having come across RATEL (the honey badger) before somewhere. All fairly clued as always from Dac, with a good number of smiley moments.

    Excellent surface at 25ac – very evocative image, a bit like Betjeman’s old ladies cycling to church in the mist (can’t find the exact line, but it was whatever John Major cited along with warm beer to typify the English).

    Pasquale also used GRAVES (the wine) across at the Grauniad today – a tough puzzle.

  4. eimi says:

    I couldn’t possibly comment on the cutting down to size of the setters, the smaller text, the harder-to-find crossword, other than drawing attention to the Editor-in-Chief’s comment that he looks “forward to hearing your opinions on the new Independent

    Dac set this a while back, but we’ve been waiting for 11 Across to return (not to watch it, at least on my part, I hasten to add – I’m more of an American Idol man). I think it was probably before an Indy regular took over at 19 Across too.

  5. Ian says:

    A particularly good puzzle from Dac. Playful yet grounded.
    Several excellent clues, the pick being ‘Queens park rangers’, ‘Beirut’, the masterful ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and ‘Treason’.


  6. Quixote says:

    I’m attempting Dac’s puzzle at the moment — and it’s hurting my eyes. As for reading the some of the articles… Oh dear, what ARE they up to?! Unless they get back to proper typography this could kill the paper off. HELP!!!

  7. pennes says:

    Queens Park Rangers gave me a grin. I hesitate to mark down a Dac as I do enjoy his offerings (and The King/ Elvis/Formerly Prince clue from last week is for me an alltime great) but there did seem too many little known words today; however eschewing aids, I make things a bit difficult for myself

  8. Tatrasman says:

    11/14A is brilliant – must be a favourite for clue of the year! (Is there such a thing?) But what is the E-in-C thinking of with those tiny headings? Desist at once, or I shall invoice the Indie for the cost of a magnifying glass!

  9. TRIALNERROR says:

    7D: Perhaps there’s an error on my printout but why “counts” in the clue?

  10. TRIALNERROR says:

    Ah, I see: from the German nobility. Silly me, I thought the definition was kind of like an antonym to Seagraves. I wish this blog had an “edit” function. Sorry guys.

  11. nmsindy says:

    I should have mentioned that in the blog esp as landgrave is not that familiar a word.

  12. Colin Blackburn says:

    SOB SISTER got me for a while. I just didn’t see an anagram and having S-B —T-R suggested SUB EDITOR so strongly that it took me ages before I saw SISTER.

    Excellent puzzle.

    I like the spacious feel to the puzzle layout. I like the cryptic being with the concise and Sudokus. I’m not so keen on its location but can’t imagine a whole puzzle section being elsewhere intact. I’m reserving judgement on the font.

  13. Moose says:

    Struggled again! Sob sister,Mariachi,Fairbanks and Landgraves all new to me.My GK is sadly lacking to get close to finishing any of these.26 minutes to solve?! Took that long to get 2 clues!

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