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Financial Times 13,365 / Io

Posted by Gaufrid on April 21st, 2010


A mixture today of some very easy clues and some that were a bit more tricky to parse. I was helped by having blogged an EV about a month ago where 22,12,24 and 23,18,16 formed part of the theme so these fell into place quite readily. A good variety of clue types, with not too many anagrams, led to an enjoyable solve.

9 OLIGOCENE  GO (turn) in LICE (infestation) in ONE – an epoch of the Tertiary period, between 34 and 23 million years ago
10 AGAMA  hidden in ‘malAGA MAinly’ – an Old World genus of thick-tongued lizards
11 BRITTEN  homophone of Britain (country) – Edward Benjamin Britten, English composer, conductor, violist and pianist
13 SKI  hidden in ‘buSKIns’
17 PIN-UP  IN (home) in PUP (dog)
19 NASTY  d&cd – A ST (street) in NY (New York)
25 EGOTIST  *(IS TO GET) &lit
27 BILTONG  L (£) TON (100) in BIG (notorious) – sun-dried lean meat
28 LEAVE  dd
29 OVEREATEN  homophone of ‘over Eton’ (like the Provost)

1 BOMBES  SEB (Coe) MOB (aggressive group) reversed – a dessert, usually ice cream frozen in a round or melon-shaped mould
2 SICILIAN  CILIA (hairs) in SIN (evil) – a defence used in chess
4 FERN  R (river) in FEN (marshy area)
5 REITERATED  RE (on) IT (the article) T (time) ERA (time again) T[he] (the top) ED (journalist)
7,6 BANANA CAKE  NANA (dog literally) CA (about) in BAKE (cook) – Nana is the name of the dog in Peter Pan
8 LACKADAY  dd – 2008 was a leap year
15 SOFT OPTION  cd – a reference to the hardness of pencils
17 POT-BELLY  *(BELT) in POLY (college) – a person who has a protuberant belly
20 SET FORTH  dd
22,12,24 THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE  *(NO THANKS HE I GET AT MEN) – a pleasing definition ‘sociable online character’
26 ICES  I SEC (dry) reversed
27 BEEF  BEE (competition) F (fine)

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,365 / Io”

  1. Jake says:

    Good to see Io so soon again. Last year he only appeared 4 or 5 times I believe.

    Thanks for blog – I do enjoy an Io solve!

  2. Eileen says:

    Thanks, Gaufrid.

    I enjoyed this but have one niggle: 7,6dn is wrong: Nana is a literary, not literal dog but literarily, unfortunately, wouldn’t work for the surface.

    And I wonder why Io didn’t have, in 8dn, ‘2008 didn’t’ or ‘2012 won’t’. Is this a carelessly recycled clue?

    [I don’t understand ‘d&cd’ in 19ac.]

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Eileen
    You are entitled to a niggle now and then, particularly when you are absolutely correct. This error escaped me when I was solving/blogging very early this morning. Perhaps I should have waited until I was fully awake.

    I too wondered about the won’t in 8dn but decided that possibly the whole puzzle had been set several years ago rather than it just being a recycled clue.

    In 19dn it was my shorthand way of saying that there was a definition and then a cryptic indication for the wordplay. Sorry if I didn’t make this clear.

  4. Eileen says:

    Hi Gaufrid

    Thanks for the explanation re 19ac. Sorry – I’d misread it as double/cryptic definition. :-)

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