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Financial Times 13,336 / Orense

Posted by smiffy on April 22nd, 2010


My second blogging encounter with Orense of late.  Not the most strenuous of workouts, but he’s always a pleasure/never a chore.  Am running late today, so please excuse the skimpy blog.

1 PERSONA NON GRATA – person + anon + initial letters.
9 ANAGRAM – eager vis-a-vis agree.
10 COLOGNE – log in (once)*.
11 MAMBA – samba with change of initial letter.
12  DREAMLAND – as in The Land of “Nod”.
13 CATCHES IT – cat + (I in chest).
15 HAITI – ait (=islet) in Hi.
16 LEPER – l{enienc}e + per.
18 AVALANCHE – AV (Auth. Version) + (Ch in (a lane)).
20 GRAPESHOT – “charge” in the sense of rudimentary ammunition.
23 TEARS –(rates)*.
24 CABARET – bare in cat. Our “spiteful woman” from 13A has metamorphosed into a “queen” here.
25 OPERATE – cryptic (surgical) def’n.
26 LIGHTNING STRIKE– double def’n.

1 PHARMACOLOGICAL – Homophone of “farmer” + {e}cological.
2 READMIT – read + MIT (Mass. Inst. of Technology).
3 OUR FATHER – (turf a hero)*.  A nifty definition (“Petition”).
4 AIMED  – me (compiler) in aid.
5 ORCHESTRA – cryptic def’n.
6 GOLEM – Ole! in GM (Gen. Mod.)
7 AFGHANI – F(ellow) in Agha + in<.
8 A HEAD LIKE A SIEVE – ahead + like a sieve.  I was held up by two factors here.  First, looking for a song title (via that old indicator “strain”).  Additionally, I’d never encountered this variant of the phrase before (only being familiar with “mind like a…”).
14 SPAGHETTI – (get at hips)*
15 HEARTFELT – heart + felt.
17 PEAT BOG – (pot beg a)*.
19 CHAPATI – chap + a ti{p}.
21 EGRET – {r}egret.
22 THONG – tho’ + NG.

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,336 / Orense”

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Shuchi – everything was straightforward as you say, except that while I completed the grid with 9 across from the definition, I still don’t get it, even with your parsing. Please can you (or anyone else if you’re still pushed for time) further explain. Thanks.

  2. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Steve
    It was smiffy blogging today not shuchi. 😉

    9ac is simply indicating that ‘agree’ is an anagram (construction) of ‘eager’. This might be easier to see if you replace the ‘on’ in the clue by ‘with’.

  3. Steve says:

    Oops – sorry, should have said Hi (and thanks) smiffy!

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks Gaufrid – seems so obvious now!

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