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Saturday Prize Crossword – Independent 7333 by Anax

Posted by nmsindy on April 23rd, 2010


Very unusual and impressive puzzle, this, which I found somewhat easier than previous Indy puzzles by Anax, solving time, 44 mins.   One or two I’m not fully sure of, though am reasonably confident.

* = anagram   < = reversed


1 SHE-D (get rid of)  EVIL (the wrong)      Liked this a lot

6 SIC (like this) around TO   &lit    a wonderful clue

9 F ROM     This has to be right from the theme of the puzzle – I think the definition is ‘off’ with the F = loud  Not sure about the rest   “Loud music switched off”     It may be MOR (middle of the road) reversing as a type of music, but not sure about that at all.

10 PUT TO SHAME      “Naked child painted make-believe earth’s eclipse”   The other one I’m not sure of – think the definition is ‘eclipse’ and the ‘naked child painted’ = PUTTO   this leaves the make-believe earth = shame perhaps but do not see it so far.


12 ABROAD   BRO in AA Don’t

13 KRIS     Definition ‘sharp, this’  (a knife)   S IRK (needle) all reversed.    Clever use of ‘needle’

14 MERSEYSIDE    (I see my reds)*    This refers to Liverpool FC, who play in red.

17 DIVE  BOMBER    I’VE  and (B MOB reversed) in DER (the German)

19 LOGO    Lo-go

21 COVERS     delivery units = overs (cricket)    C = around

23 LATVIAN    A TV in NAIL (reversed)

25 REAR (back)  RANGED  (garden)*

26 RISE    IS in RE

27 STYLE   “Something” = style     ST (street = way) YLE  = Ely (see) reversed



2 HI RE CAR    (racer)<

3 DEMITASSE    DEMISE around T(temperature) AS (while)

4 VIPER    VIP = lion   rampant ‘on’ = re upwards as in heraldry, I think.

5 LET THERE BE LIGHT     Most unusual, this.    Listing those answers out gives the clue “Latvian tallness covers rise early command from Genesis”  giving the wordplay  LETT followed by REBEL in HEIGHT.     Impressive idea indeed.  Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament.

6 SLOGANEER    S (shilling)  (one large)*   sloganeer = coin (vb)

7 OTHER    THÉ (tea in French) in OR

8 COMMA ND    the “,” is part of the wordplay here

13 KID     clocK  I’D    good punning on ‘wind up’


15 SOLDIER ON (plug away)   R (resistance) in (SOLENOID)*

16 E.G. O

18 ISOMERS    SOME in IRS     US Internal Revenue Service

20 GENESIS    G  and I in (SENSE)*

22 EARLY    PEARLY less P

24 TIDAL    ID (papers) into TAL(e)

18 Responses to “Saturday Prize Crossword – Independent 7333 by Anax”

  1. Matthew says:

    In 10ac: make-believe=SHAM and earth=E

  2. jmac says:

    One of the most enjoyable puzzles I have solved for some time. I thought 5dn was breathtaking and most appropriate for a crossword. 5dn gave me my last entry, 9ac, which I parsed as you did with F and a reversal of MOR. Also agree with Matthew re 10ac.

  3. Radler says:

    Ingenious and entertaining! I think I once read a comment from Anax, stating that he found short words hard to clue – well there were plenty of excellent examples here.

  4. Radian says:

    Marvellous puzzle crowned by that genuine jaw-dropping moment when all became clear. First time I’ve ever seen the like. Wish I’d thought of it.

  5. Paul B says:

    Agree very strongly. Nice work from the hugely talented fellow.

  6. anax says:

    Many thanks to all for your kind comments. Not many of them, admittedly, but for once I’m sort of grateful. Generally, the more contentious a puzzle the more comments are made about it, and I had some fears that the “build your own clue” idea might elicit some “how dare you?” responses.

  7. nmsindy says:

    I think the number of comments tend to be quite a bit higher on weekday puzzles. Not quite sure why, but my guess is that people have more time to work out the possibilities with a weekend puzzle with some days before entries are due so there is less uncertainty and more time to wait till the solution is given. My solving experience with this puzzle may have been slightly different to some others, in that, esp with the enumeration, I saw the LET THERE BE BE LIGHT possibility almost straightaway and pencilled it in, only understanding why quite a bit later.

  8. IanN14 says:

    Just saw the comments on the RSS feed for this.
    I agree with nms about why so few comments.
    After a week, things get forgotten, but I’d like to say this was an excellent puzzle, very original, and I hope anax keeps it up.
    He’s rapidly becoming one of my favourite setters.

  9. eimi says:

    I was confident that most people, having recovered their lower jaw from the ground, would appreciate 5 Down in all its glory. Thanks, Anax. I’m always keen to include the innovative in the Indy puzzles.

  10. jmac says:

    To my mind the Indie Saturday puzzles are the finest series of blocked-grid crosswords around. In a week when at least two puzzles elsewhere have been generally slated for being too easy, I wonder why more people don’t treat themselves to the Saturday Indie and perhaps save the crossword for one of those weekdays when they feel the need for more challenging fare (apologies to overseas solvers who might not have this option).

  11. sidey says:

    I suspect the lack of comments is partly due to th puzzle being a week behind online.

    I’m reluctant to comment on this puzzle as anax has made it clear that he doesn’t welcome criticism.

    I’m not as sure that this puzzle is as innovative as some think though.

  12. anax says:


    With every respect to you, I think that’s a tad unfair. Criticism isn’t just something I welcome – it’s something I relish; it’s criticism that helps me to improve as a setter.

    My comment above wasn’t about criticism. Before submitting the puzzle I contacted a good friend and highly experienced solver to ask him what he thought of the concept of using a clue consisting entirely of numerical references to grid answers, because I was very unsure about its fairness. He thought it possible there could be a 50/50 split between “love it” and “hate it”, which is pretty much what I relayed to Eimi upon submission.

    There was a never a claim that the device was innovative; OK, I hadn’t seen it before, but that counts for little. The responses here suggest that many found it original and enjoyable, and my comment above merely reflects my relief that the idea appears not to have backfired.

  13. nmsindy says:

    To be honest, I’d be surprised if anyone could have thought of those numbers in the clue as being anything else than the relevant clue numbers.

    I don’t think it made the puzzle much harder as there were normal clues for answers at all those numbers.

  14. sidey says:

    anax I wasn’t referring to your comment above.

  15. Moose says:

    Swore I’d never try another Anax.Sorry I did.5d What!! 10a? Sicto ,Isomers? Got 14a but being an Evertonian could hardly write it in! Got about 5 others.10a with this explanation means nothing,absolutely nothing.5d means even less! Anax you seem popular with these brilliant crossworders but I’m sure a lot of tryers like me groan and turn the page!

  16. Moose says:

    Ah! Stoic! My apologies

  17. Nick Corney says:

    Moose, dear fellow, one doesn’t have to be brilliant to do an Anax puzzle, merely experienced! I’m pretty thick, really, and I can do ’em! If I’m not mistaken, you’re still quite new to these, no? I myself have only been doing them for about 3 years, but that’s enough time to see myself improve dramatically, just like learning any language. After all Serbo Croatian hod carriers can speak Serbo Croat!

  18. Moose says:

    Thanks Nick! Onwards and upwards then!

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