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Enigmatic Variations 910: All the Initials by Oxymoron

Posted by Dave Hennings on April 24th, 2010

Dave Hennings.

A fairly straightforward puzzle from Oxymoron this week. Each clue requires a letter or a word to be removed before solving. These spell out a quotation which reflects the clues and suggests how some answers are modified before entry. The originator’s initials must be highlighted.

The quotation is “… something extra, superfluous, unnecessary, essentially a power thrown away.” This is from Particularly Cats by Doris Lessing. “The power thrown away” determines that any answer containing a P must lose it before entry into the grid. As required by the preamble, all her initials must be highlighted in the grid, ie all the Ds and all the Ls. The Ds are in the shape of a large D, and the Ls in the shape of a large L.

Solving time: not particularly quick, just short of 3 hours, I think.

ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden
XYZ = extra letters or words in clues
P = letter P dropped from answer before entry

1 SOME SCATT tax: SCAT (break in Cornwall) + T (end in profiT)
5 THIN SAUGERS swimmers: S (special) + AUGERS (tools for boring); a sauger is a North American pike/perch
11 G TEBETH month abroad: BEG T (time) in THE*
12 E RUPIA skin ulcer: RU(B) + I (iodine) in PA (dead)
13 X ENORM very big, once: [MR ONE (somebody)]<
14 T TOPAZES humming birds: TOP (start) + A (acting) + ZES(T) (reduced enthusiasm)
15 R APRIL Mary follows this: PR (prince) in AIL (trouble)
17 A DREDGER sprinkler: D (Dutch) R (gardeneR finally) + AGREED*
18 SUPER LIE-IN extended occupancy of pit (ie bed): LIE (story) + IN (concerned with)
19 F DEMODE unfashionable: DEME (township) concealing DO< (fact)
21 L ELAPSES slips away: (LESS PALE)*
22 U DREADFULNESS statue inspiring awe: (UNDERFED LASS)*
26 O DENUDE strip: EN (nurse) wearing DUDE (coat)
28 U SLEEP IN lie in (18ac): SLEE (Scout’s surreptitious) + PIN (fix)
31 S DEEDS feasts: DEE (letter) + D’S (duke’s)
33 U VULCANS metalworkers: VUL< (love) + CANS (bogus)
37 N TIRL strip (Scotland): T (then, northern) + IRL (Ireland)
38 N EPIGEAN growing close to the ground: PINE* + GEAN (cherry tree)
39 E SIMPAI primate: SIM (low churchman, abbr for Simeonite) + PA (pope) + I
40 C OPT IN choose to participate: O (cold) P (priest) TIN (can)
41 E RESPECT heed: RE (one) + P (positive) in SECT (dissenting body)
42 S TSETSES flies: SET (slot) in SETS*
43 S SEPSES bacterial invasions: SEES (calls son) about SP< (return of special)
1 A STEDD poet’s palace: SD (South dakota) occupied by TED (Hughes perhaps)
2 R CENDRE rash blond: END (finish) in CRE (half CREdit)
3 Y ABODE home: BO (man) D (died) in AE (one, Scots)
4 E TEREDO wood borer: TREE* + DO (cone)
5 S SHEREEF magistrate: REEF (banks) supporting SHE (female)
6 SENT ATTIRE clothing: AT (to) T (Thailand) IRE (keen resentment)
7 I UPROLL close: UP (success) + ROLL (turin)
8 A GRAMPIAN area of Scotland: RAM (weather) in GP (practitioner) + I (in) + AN
9 L RIEMPIES strips of leather: PIE (colin) in MISER*
10 L SPASM start: S (singular) PA’S (plater’s) M (mile)
16 Y BESEE treaty: B (Belgium) + E (Spain) + SEE (wait upon)
20 A MENED made a complaint (Scots): MEAN + ED (educated)
23 P RE-EDITS revises again: REED (grasps) + IT + S (son)
24 O AUDIENT paying attention: AUNT (relative) concealing DIE (stoop)
25 WE USURPERS they assume: PURSUE* + RS (rupees)
27 R EVINCE show clearly: [CI (banks of CharI) + NEVER]*
29 T ECLIPSE covert: LIPS (kisses) in E (English) CE (church)
30 H IN PLACE opportune: I (one) + N (note) + P (piano) + LACE (chord)
32 R STAPES part of rear: TAPE (strip) in SS (ie on board)
34 OWN ALMES dancers: MEALS*
35 A SPLITS cracks: SPIT (long road) round L (lake) + S (has)
36 WAY DEPOT store: O (of) in DEPT (department)

2 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations 910: All the Initials by Oxymoron”

  1. Jake says:

    Sorry Mr Hennings no one replied.

    I looked at the preamble and was put off by this puzzle!

    Thank-you for placing the solutions here. I’ll give it a go.

    Being new still to advanced cryptics it’ll help me a great

    Thank-you Sir.

  2. mc_rapper67 says:

    Dave – nice work – I am afraid I also took a brief look at the preamble and took refuge in something a bit lighter and fluffier…
    There must be someone out there who took this on and will appreciate your efforts.

    As Confuse-us once said: “If a crossword is blogged but nobody else tried it…then the blogger has a good chance of winning the prize!”

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