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Private Eye/Cyclops 415 – Bill and two Bens

Posted by beermagnet on April 26th, 2010


I made hard work for myself with this puzzle by writing in several incorrect answers. I guess I was hurrying and didn’t read the clues properly, and sometimes wrote in what I didn’t even intend (I think my pencil can’t spell). All that stopped me getting some later crossing answers until I realised what was going on.
Anyway, got there in the end taking much longer than normal. In retrospect there was nothing terribly hard here.

1 ADVANCE AD (publicity) VANCE (US Secretary of State) Not Hillary Clinton but an incumbant from 30 years ago
5 GLASGOW A S[ubprime] G (large) all inside GLOW (flush) Last in after correcting 8D
9 BILL AND BEN BILL (Clinton) AND BEN (Elton) Last blog’s flobadob “joke” was purely coincidental. First answer written in “just like that”
13 CATS-EYE CATS (show) EYE (organ) The brilliant Percy Shaw invention
14 FAN CLUB FAN (blow job equipment) CLUB (clobber) Def: Joined by devotees
15 CYCLIC C[ensor] Y[oung] C[onservative] L[amming] I[nto] C[ameron]
17 ULCERS (C[legg] RULES)* AInd: possibly, with ‘breaking’ indicating the C is inside the other letters. Initially I thought the wordplay indicated the answer would start with the C.
19 NUTCASE DD Initially wrote in NUTSACK – Why?
21 BULLISH BULL (Archer’s goal) (HIS)* AInd: undoing
23 RESITE RE-SIT (resume parliamentary place) E[lection] Def: Move
25 POOP O (love) inside POP (Bang)
27/28/7 ONE-EYED TROUSER SNAKE ONE-EYED (As cyclops) TROUSERS (pants) (KEN A)* AInd: embroiled Def: a member. A favourite euphemism of Barry McKenzie
2 DRIER DRI[v]ER Club, as in golf
3 ALLOWANCE A[nswer] (COWELL)* AInd: arranged, around A [millio]N
4 CONCEAL CON[servatives] (not much of a political party) (LACE)* AInd: fancy
6 LUNATIC (NAUTICAL – A)* AInd: Accident
8 ON THE LINE [camer]ON then THE LINE (a place for washing) Stupidly wrote in ‘IN THE SINK’ (well it fitted with 19A NUTSACK at the time!). This stopped me getting 5A till I understood what was wrong
10 BACKBENCHER BEN (Speedy Johnson) inside (BRA CHECK)* AInd: out. Clue refers to “speedy” Johnson, the sprinter, rather then “No-H” Jonson, the Bard’s contemporary
14 FULL-BLOWN FULL (satidfied) BROWN swap R for L Initially wrote in OVERBLOWN which caused crossing trouble for a while.
16 CEAUSESCU C[onservative] (EU’S CAUSE)* AInd: ballsed up. Conversely for this one I knew the answer but waited for crossing letters to be sure of the spelling. Coincidentally I had recently been reading about the Romanian revolution and was reminded how short a time there was between first stirrings and Ceausescu’s death 
18 SCIENCE (SINCE EC)* AInd: getting wrecked.
20 TERRIER ERR (boob) inside TIER (bank, as in bank of seats)
22 LAPSE Homophone “laps”
24 TASTE TAT (crap) about S[econd], E (drug) Def: sample

A farmer orders his sheepdog to go and count the sheep.
When the Dog comes back the farmer asks: “OK. How many sheep are there?”
“50” says the dog.
“How can there be 50? I only bought 47″
“I know” says the dog “I rounded them up”

4 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 415 – Bill and two Bens”

  1. sidey says:

    Groan, good crossword though.

  2. FrankO says:

    Thanks beermagnet! Re 5 across – is G short for Grand as in large amount of money (i.e. £1000) or a generally accepted crossword abbreviation for large? I guessed at Glasgow but wasn’t sure on this point.
    Just noticed that I had missed the bleedin’ obvious and put “on the fire” for 8 down.

  3. Bellers says:

    Thank you, beermagnet, for the explanations. I spelt Ceausescu with three ‘c’s, so stymieing myself.

    There are one or two sites on the Internet where people ask for help with crossword clues, but I came across this at The Money Saving Expert which astonished me. It looks as though they have a scheme to win the Eye prize without putting in any effort. The idea that the prizewinners whose names we see printed each fortnight might not be able to read, and that they think a crossword is something you have outside the pub on a Saturday night makes be shudder.

    There is another site *SPOILER WARNING* that has taken to printing the answers before the passing of the submission date (416 is already there, and my Eye only arrived yesterday), but at least there is a notice stating that the answers are only to be used for comparing with your own results.

  4. Carolyn says:

    I had to look up the spelling of Ceaucescu and was confused because it didn’t match the anagram. Is it acceptable to spell it Ceausescu? It does affect the pronunciation! I can’t complain too much as there were other answers I missed, but it still rankles.

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