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Financial Times 13,371 / Cinephile

Posted by Gaufrid on April 28th, 2010


A themed puzzle from Cinephile in his customary Wednesday slot.

The ‘leaving body’ indicated a ‘body with leaves’ or put more simply a tree. It helped that I tackled the down clues first so the first thematic clue I met was 5dn. This was easy to solve and immediately made the theme apparent which helped greatly with the other thematic entries.

I initially questioned the anagram indicator in 4dn, but I suppose one could make a case for earning=acquiring=getting and you can get ‘pence virtue’ from the letters of ‘unreceptive’.

6 POSER  dd
10 MAIGRET  MAIGRE (fast food) T (time) – maigre: “(of food) containing no animal flesh and so able to be eaten on a fast-day” (Chambers)
11 GUAVA  *(A VAGU[e])
14 OAK  cd
15 COPPER BEECH  COPPER (policeman) homophone of ‘beach’ (shore)
17 PUSSY WILLOW  PUSSY (cat) WILL OW (cry with pain)
19 GUM  MUG (face) reversed
22 IDEAL  I DEAL (I’m in business)
24 THIRDLY  DL (100 millilitres) in THIR[st]Y (wanting a drink no saint) – defn. (c)
26 CADMIUM  CAD (no gentleman) I (one) in MUM (his mother)
27 SUGAR  RAG (paper) US (American) reversed
28 WELL WOMAN  MOW reversed (cutback) in WELLAN[d] (nearly all of Fenland river)

1 BEFOG  GO (leave) FEB (month) reversed
2 CAR PARK  CARP (fish) ARK (old ship)
3 HIERARCHY  HI (greeting) ARCHERY (ancient sport) with ER (monarch) moved to the front
4 UNRECEPTIVE  *(PENCE VIRTUE) – ‘earning’ as an anagram indicator?
ELM hidden in ‘hotEL Maybe’
6 PRIDE  P (quiet) RIDE (journey)
8 ROTHERHAM  ROT (decay) HER (lady’s) HAM (meat)
13 IDEOLOGICAL  *(E[xtact] OIL DIG COAL) – a misprint here, ‘extact’ should be ‘extract’  Edit: typo corrected, thanks for pointing out the error Steve
14 OPPOSITES  OP (work) PO ([postal] order) SITES (locations)
16 BOW WINDOW  IN D[og] in BOWWOW (dog)
18 SNOWING  WIN (success) in SNOG (cuddle)
19 GRECISM  G (FBI man) *(CRIMES) – the American way of spelling Graecism
21 CEDAR  hidden in ‘ abeCEDARians’
23 LEMON  dd – from the expression ‘the answer is a lemon’, used in previous puzzles by Araucaria and Orense amongst others
25 YEW  homophone of ‘you’ (solver)

8 Responses to “Financial Times 13,371 / Cinephile”

  1. Ferret says:

    Nice of the Reverend to use the obvious anagram of his name……shame Gaufrid couldn’t draw himself to use it in the title, preferring to use the more formal name for the monkey puzzle :-)

  2. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Ferret
    Thanks for pointing out my senior moment which has now been corrected. It was early and I forgot which paper I was covering. :(

  3. liz says:

    Gaufrid — No Guardian blog today?

  4. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Liz
    I posted one five minutes ago. Sorry for the delay.

  5. scarpia says:

    Most unusual to see so few comments on a ‘Monkey Puzzle’ crossword.
    I thought this was a good puzzle, full of the expected amount of wit and invention.
    The ‘leaving body’ definition made it a bit different to the usual”certain clues are of a kind’ preamble
    It was a pretty easy theme to spot though there were some good clues in the puzzle,particular favourite being
    8 down.
    Had to look up ‘maigre’ but the answer was obvious even if you didn’t know the word.

  6. Steve says:

    Hi Gaufrid – ironically enough, I think you also had a ‘misprint’ in the answer to 15 down (should be ideological).

  7. Steve says:

    I should have said 13d

  8. Gaufrid says:

    Thanks Steve, I have corrected the typo.

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