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Independent 7,348 by Dac

Posted by Simon Harris on 5th May 2010

Simon Harris.

The usual quality Wednesday puzzle from Dac, if a little tougher than some weeks. I failed at 1ac, at least, though everything else fell into place steadily enough.

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Financial Times 13,377 / Aardvark

Posted by Gaufrid on 5th May 2010


Some rather tricky wordplay from Aardvark today with quite a few answers being formed from a combination of an anagram and/or parts of words. On the first run through the clues I thought this was going to be more difficult than it eventually turned out to be once I started to dissect the clues rather than just reading the surface. All in all, an interesting challenge.

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Guardian 25,002 / Chifonie

Posted by Eileen on 5th May 2010


This is a fairly typical Chifonie puzzle, largely made up of charades and straightforward insertions. There is one clue that I particularly liked and, I’m afraid, one that, however good the rest of the puzzle might have been, would have ruined it for me, pedant that I am.

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