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Independent 7352 / Punk

Posted by Gaufrid on 10th May 2010


NealH has business commitments today so I agreed to stand in for him, thinking that it would make a change to cover an Indy.

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Guardian 25,006 / Rufus

Posted by Eileen on 10th May 2010


Rufus on Monday – All’s right with the world! – as Browning didn’t say. The familiar start to the week, after two Rufusless Mondays in the last four. I said that the last Rufus I blogged, a month ago, rather lacked his usual sparkle. Not so this one – this is Rufus on top form: witty cryptic definitions; succinctly clever double [and one triple] definitions and anagrams; lovely smooth story-telling surfaces. Welcome back, Rufus!

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Azed 1979/amnesia

Posted by ilancaron on 10th May 2010


I completely forgot about this blog. Gaufrid kindly reminded me yesterday so I promptly forgot again. And then woke up this morning with something niggling my memory. That was about an hour and half ago. This is the paltry result.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 416 – Detente candidate

Posted by beermagnet on 10th May 2010


Pack away your soapbox now. Take down your “Sod the others – Vote for Us” posters. It’s all over for now. The people have spoken and they said “Errr”. Anyway, I don’t understand all this talk about people being unable to vote. I had no trouble, and managed to vote for a different party each time. (“Vote early and often” motto of Al Capone.)
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