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Azed 1979/amnesia

Posted by ilancaron on May 10th, 2010


I completely forgot about this blog. Gaufrid kindly reminded me yesterday so I promptly forgot again. And then woke up this morning with something niggling my memory. That was about an hour and half ago. This is the paltry result.


1 FAT CAT – two meanings
7 NOSER – rev(re[a]son) — yes it’s in Chambers as a headwind.
12 A,CA(LO)USE – means “stemless”. Bob points out quite rightly that this should be: A,C(AU)LOSE — I had transposed some of this clue with 17A while writing up my notes.
13 ROSTER – hidden reversed
14 TRO(M)PE – French device for fanning a furnace.
15 O(NT)AP – ref. Old Age Pensioner
16 UNIAT – (aunt, i)* – Christian sect
17 L(IBRETT)O – bitter* in LO
18 TRIATHLETE – (earth title)*. Oddly enough, reminds me must go running today.
22 SYNAERESIS – (senses, airy)*. To make diphthongs.
24 ECOSTATE – ribless. And I guess a pun on what the Green Party is planning to establish (in Brighton?)
28 SO,FAR – a sonar type of finding people at sea thingy.
29 F,RATE – I convinced myself at first this was F,RIAR
30 MET MA,N – Mamet* – a Brit weatherman.
31 A,NOM(I)E – means “sense of despair” and NOME is a Greek department.
32 MEL(ODE)ON – a type of accordion. Lay is a song is an ODE.
33 DRENT – hidden. archaic drenched
34 SW(E’EN)Y – muscle atrophy. And SWY is Australian for a 2 year prison stretch (shortish? I wouldn’t last a night in prison).


1 FAR-OUT – Hippie slang for “satisfying” — competition word
2 A CONTRE COEUR – (re actor on cue)*. French reluctance.
3 TA(ST)Y) – ref. River TAY
4 CUT,A,WAY – a film shot and what you need to do when you’re in thick jungle.
5 TORSI – “trunks” but wordplay? “Twisting not on in trunks?” feels like a pun but…?
6 AS,TABLE – the opposite of stable.
9 S(AM)ITE – yes, it’s a heavy silk
11 R(HET)OR – HET as in “het up” (heated) and ROR is contiguous in perorations.
19 HA(A)F-NET – A in (fat hen)* – I assume Maryport is a port on the North Sea (since HAAF-NET is from the Norwegian)?
20 TET(ROD)E – TETE for head and it’s a (four-way) valve
21 DESMID – hidden. “tiny linked alga” indeed.
23 SHEENY – two meanings: shiny and fraudulent (of course I know this because I”m Jewish :)
25 SA,MAN – &lit. It’s a SA “rain tree” providing shelter from the rain presumably!
26 TEALS – OK, they are ducks. I feel like I could work out the wordplay. If I wanted to. “More than one duck? Side’s exchanging money for one at learning stage”.
27 MA([so]ME)E – it’s a W. Indian fruit. Ref. MAE West.

7 Responses to “Azed 1979/amnesia”

  1. sidey says:

    Morning Ilan, 5 is torsion – on and teals is teams [sides] – m + l.

  2. Bob Sharkey says:

    I’m puzzled by your explanation of 12A. I read this as AU in (A + CLOSE)

  3. ilancaron says:

    Bob: of course you’re right… I was thinking about 17A for some reason obviously when I was writing up the blog.

  4. Bullfrog says:

    I feel like I could work out the wordplay. If I wanted to.

    Isn’t that rather the point?

  5. ilan says:

    It’s half the point. The other half is the definition.

  6. Wil Ransome says:

    26dn: the wordplay which you didn’t seem to want to work out, and which was rather good I thought: team’s [side’s] exchanging m [money] for l [one at learning stage].

  7. ilan says:

    Wil: indeed — I was lazy. Didn’t mean to be cavalier… thanks!

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