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Private Eye/Cyclops 416 – Detente candidate

Posted by beermagnet on May 10th, 2010


Pack away your soapbox now. Take down your “Sod the others – Vote for Us” posters. It’s all over for now. The people have spoken and they said “Errr”. Anyway, I don’t understand all this talk about people being unable to vote. I had no trouble, and managed to vote for a different party each time. (“Vote early and often” motto of Al Capone.)
Q. How do you annoy Heather Mills?

7 PARNELL PAR (Standard) NELL (fancy woman of Charles – ref Nell Gwynn) Def: Ref Irish leader Charles Parnell
9 PULL-OUT DD Incorporating Cyclops’ advice to the Pope w.r.t. his upcoming visit? (Pope’s contraception advice)
11 DISMEMBER DIS (insult in “street” language) MEMBER (MP)
12 PENIS PEN (Enclosure) I (1) (one) S[andown]
I swear there used to be a Rolls-Royce driving around these parts with numberplate PEN 15 – haven’t seen it for ages now.
13 RESIT (TRIES)* AInd: dodgy.
14 LOOK-SEE LOO (Ladis possibly) K SEE (SEEK)* AInd: kinky. Def: Gander. I suppose both ‘gander’ and ‘look-see’ are slang
16 IN SHORT IN (part of the clique) SHORT (no friend of Blair)
19 SWANSEA (SAWN)* AInd: off. S[hotguns] EA[ch]
20 LIE BACK LICK around ABE<
22 DICEY DIC[k] EY[e] Def: Hairy. For the wordplay this is my favourite clue:
Hairy pair of investigators getting their ends away (5)
25 CAPER CAP (head) ER (Brenda)
26 CANDIDATE CANDID (Frank) ATE (scoffed)
27 DETENTE Hidden in: biDET ENTEritis
28 ADDRESS [C]A[meron] D[ay] DRESS (shift)
1 EPIDERMIS [th]E (DIRE PM)* AInd: ruined. IS (lives). First answer attempted and entered to get a bunch of first letters and a flying start.
2 CRISIS C[h]RIS IS Ref The excruciating Chris Evans
3 GLOBAL (B[an]G LOLA)* AInd: stupid
4 SPURIOUS IOU (debt) inside SPURS (footbal side). Last entered – somehow thought debt would give DR
5 ALL PISS AND WIND A kind of CD/DD thing relating to the Electioneering/soapboxing theme
6 COUNTESS ES (drugs) inside COUNTS (matters)
8 ELECTIONEERING (ONE GIN ERECTILE)* AInd: dysfunction. This answer was heavily cross-referenced within other clues and provides the theme for the crossword. Turns out there’s been an election happening recently. That’s why you had to turn more pages to get to the crosswords.
15 EASY-PEASY (AYES)* AInd: vacillate. PEASY (vegetable-like?) Ha ha
17 SELF-PITY (SPIT LIFE)* AInd: makes. with I swapped for Y
18 THATCHER THAT (the one) CHER[ie] (Blair i.e. lacking)
21 KANSAS K[elvin] (NASAS)* AInd: liberal
23 CHASER CHAS (Brian) ER (his mater)
24/10 ACID TEST A (one) (CITE DTS)* AInd: drunk

A. Nick Clegg

2 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 416 – Detente candidate”

  1. FrankO says:

    Thanks beermagnet, I found this a real toughie and could not get the last few, in particular 17d. Oh woe is me!

  2. Huw Powell says:

    Thanks Beermagnet and Cyclops!

    Missed PARNELL in spite of trying to research it via Irish leaders – which should have been easy considering “PAR” was almost a given. Embarassed to have missed DICEY, esp. given I had thought about that meaning of “hairy”. And now I know Brian is Prince Charles, I hope it comes up again soon…

    All in all, a lot of fun. Only missing three in a PE puzzle is remarkable for me.

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