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Financial Times 13,382 / Hamilton

Posted by Agentzero on May 11th, 2010


Some clever ideas from this setter, but also several clues that I had issues with (or, perhaps, that I misunderstood).

1 GOOD-FOR-NOTHING GOOD (honesty) FOR NOTHING (to no avail).  How is “honesty” a definition of (as opposed to an example of) “good”? 
10 ARSON PARSON (clergyman) minus P (power)
12 SHERMAN [Antony] SHER (actor) MAN (male).  William Tecumseh Sherman, the great Union general and strategist.
13 HEAR OUT How does this work? I can see that ROUT can be heard in HEAR OUT, but that does not account for all of the solution.
14 SKINT SKIN (fleece) T (model)
16 INNKEEPER This is because INN can be found in begINNer. 
19 DRY GINGER DRY (sardonic) GINGER (mate of Biggles the pilot of British fiction)
20 ENROL hidden in gentlemEN ROLe.  Is “models” superfluous?
22 SMUGGLE S (small) + GG (horse) in MULE (crossbreed)
25 EMOTION E (English) MOTION (proposal). 
27 GABARDINE *(BARGAINED) A nice anagram find.
28 CELLO ELL (measure) in CO (company)
29 ST ANDREWS CROSS ST (street) + *(WARDENS) + CROSS (angry)
2 OBSCENITY *(NICEST BOY)  I would have left out the “the.”
3 DENIM E, N (points) in DIM (slow)
4 OFFENDING OFF (unsatisfactory) ENDING (resolution)
5 NORTH hidden in VentNOR THe.  A lot of superfluous fodder in this clue.
7 IDAHO ID (passport) AHO[y] (endless call for attention)
9 PASSES d&cd
15 TRIGGERED RIGGER (homophone of RIGOR) in TED
18 PARTICLES P (page) ARTCLES (accounts).  The “a” and “of” do not fit in the cryptic reading.
19 DESIGNS *(DRESSING minus R[ight])
23 UMBRA Apparently this is penUMBRA (larger part of sunshade).   However, the Sun (and other light sources) cast both an umbra and a penumbra.  I don’t think a definition that applies to both the fodder and the answer is very satisfactory.
24 EXILE EX (former) ILE (French island)
26 OCCUR CC (200) in [h]OUR (three-quarters of an hour, or 45 minutes!)  This was the best clue in the puzzle, I thought.

6 Responses to “Financial Times 13,382 / Hamilton”

  1. Ferret says:

    I went for umbra being a large part of umbrella, which can be a sunshade?

    Never heard of Anthony Sher?

  2. Hamilton says:

    Hi Agentzero – many thanks for the blog. In my defence(!):
    1across – I used good as a noun, in the sense of “he was a force for good”, which is ok by my thesaurus!
    13across – listen to (hear out) the sound of slaughter (hear rout). Not the best homophone in the world. I accept!
    23 down – Ferret is right – “umbrella” was my sunshade
    I accept some clues are a bit wordy (something Gaufrid alluded to last time) – I guess it’s my way of trying to achieve a good surface, but I’m working on it!

  3. Pogel says:

    22ac: got distracted by Harry Potter (which I’ve never read) – in the back of my mind I had muggle down as some human/non-human crossbreed. In Chambers too! The horse bit confused me…

  4. Agentzero says:


    Thanks for stopping by!

    I understood that you were using “good” as a noun, in the sense of “virtue,” but “honesty” is still not a definition of it, but rather an example of it. If the solution were “dog,” you wouldn’t define it as “Pekinese.” You’d have to say something like “Pekinese, for example.”

    Regarding 23 down, I think solvers would expect something like “larger part” to signal a set of consecutive letters from the fodder.

  5. nmsindy says:

    Not too difficult a puzzle, I liked PASSES a lot and OCCUR, as you say, was esp good too.

  6. scarpia says:

    A pretty good puzzle all in all – except 13 across!
    23 down is similar in style to some of Araucaria’s clues,which makes it o.k. in my book.
    Particularly liked ‘innkeeper’.

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