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Financial Times 13,383 / Cinephile

Posted by Gaufrid on May 12th, 2010


A fairly typical Cinephile though overall perhaps slightly easier than some (at least for me).

Nothing particularly held me up (studying chemistry at school helped with 19ac) but 26,27,23,24 was the last to go in because I needed all the checked letters to confirm the long anagram.

1 LEGLESS  dd – ‘tight’ as in ‘drunk’
5 PAPACY  CAP (limitation) reversed in PAY (money)
9 RANCH  RAN (managed) CH (companion) – ‘Meanwhile, back at the ranch’ was a phrase frequently used by narrators of American cowboy movies and TV shows of the 1970s and 1980s.
11 ASPEN  AS (like) PEN (writer)
12 ACCRETION  CRE (anti-racist body) in ACTION (performance) – CRE is the abbreviation for the Commission for Racial Equality. This has now been replaced by the Commission for Equality and Human Rights so perhaps the clue should have read ‘former anti-racist body’. One of the definitions of ‘accretion’ is “an extraneous addition”.
13 DEED POLL  DEED (performance) POLL (voting) – ‘calling’ as in ‘name’.
15 BUREAU  UR (old town) in BEAU (dandy)
17 TALENT  ALE (beer) in TNT (explosive)
19 NOBLE GAS  NOBLE (posh) GAS (talk) – the second element in the periodic table is helium, one of the noble gases.
22 ENTER INTO  ENTERI[c] (intestinal cut) *(NOT) – defn. ‘form part of’.
25 BARRISTER  RIS[k] in BARTER (exchange)

1 LOMBARD STREET  LOMBARD (Milanese) STREET (way) – the chief centre of the banking interest in London. Milan is the capital of the Lombardy district in Italy.
2 GRAPPLE  GR (King George) APPLE (pupil) – one meaning of ‘apple’ is the pupil of an eye.
3 EDWIN  hidden in ‘rED WINe’ – Edwin of Northumbria.
4 SPIRACLE  *(REPLICAS) – a breathing hole (zoology).
5 PREACH  R (take) in PEACH (fruit) – ‘R’ is the abbreviation for ‘recipe’, the Latin for ‘take’.
6 PERPETUAL  *(PETER) in *(PAUL) – ‘the like with’ indicates the second anagram.
7 CONFINE  CON (with) FINE (penalty)
10 HONOURS DEGREE  NO (number) in HOURS (lots of minutes) DEGREE (a lot of them {minutes})
14 PENDRAGON  PEND (wait) RAG ON (minimally dressed) – Uther Pendragon.
16 TOMORROW  TOM (cat) OR (alternative) ROW (line)
18 LETTISH  *(THISTLE) – from Lett?land (now Latvia).
20 GRITTED  dd
21 ENABLE  NAB (take) in ELE[ments]
23 ADIEU  A DIE (something straight) U (bend) – from the saying ‘straight as a die’ (ie a gaming dice) meaning ‘completely honest’.

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,383 / Cinephile”

  1. Berny says:

    Thanks for mentioning the convention R meaning take

  2. Gnome says:

    Thanks v much for the thorough blog. Just one comment re11 across. There is a “Trembler” species of Aspen tree.

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Gnome
    Thanks for your input. I don’t know your source for ‘Trembler’ being a species of Aspen but Chambers gives ‘aspen’ as “the trembling poplar”

    COED goes further and defines ‘aspen’ as “a poplar tree with small rounded long-stalked leaves noted for trembling in the breeze [Populus tremula (Europe) P. tremuloides (N. America), and other species]”. Collins has something similar.

  4. scarpia says:

    Thanks Gaufrid.
    As you say,one of Cinephile’s easier puzzles and also,judging from the lack of comment here,one of his least controversial.
    Nothing anyone could really quibble with,but none of those trademark Cinephile ‘moments’ when you suddenly click on to his meaning.
    A good,if somewhat workmanlike puzzle.

  5. gnome says:

    Apologies Gaufrid. I was quoting somewhat loosely from Wikipedia, accessed via my mobile. The operative word against populus tremula is, indeed, “trembling”. (Although the species tremuloides apparently goes one further, to include a “quaking” variant.)

    And now that I’m home, I can confirm that my Chambers agrees with yours!

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