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Inquisitor 1124: Legacy by Samuel

Posted by HolyGhost on May 12th, 2010


As Hihoba is on holiday for a few weeks, I’m blogging this one, and he’ll do mine later in May.
A frustratingly slow start on this one …
  … but with about 40% of the clues solved (mainly in the lower half), the thematic question popped into my mind, shortly followed by the unclued central entry.

The extra letters in the wordplay of 30 clues spell out “What have the Romans ever done for us?”, a line from Monty Python’s LIFE OF BRIAN. The replies from the crowd include AQUEDUCT, IRRIGATION, ROADS, MEDICINE, [PUBLIC] HEALTH, and PUBLIC ORDER, to be fitted around the perimeter. Some of those responsible were [Julius] CAESAR, CICERO, HEROD [the Great], [Gaius] MARIUS, and [Pontius] PILATE, all clued without definition.

Quite a lot of words were new to me: ARABA, FLUE (=soft down), TUISM, ARILLARY, SCAFFIE, BUHL. And it was only very close to the end that I turned to the phrase giving the unchecked letters, to figure out the final Legacy and complete the perimeter.

No. Answer Extra
8 DRUDGE W DR (=doctor) + WUD (=fierce, Scot) + GE (=goddess)
9 ARABA H ARAB (=horse) + HA(s)
11 PILATE PILA (=javelins) + T(hrown) + E(arthwards)
12 CICERO CRO(c) (=reptile) around ICE (=kill)
13 UNSEXIST A AUNTS (=relatives) – T(ime) + EXIST (=live)
16 JACULATED T JAT (=Pakistani) + CU (=copper) + [DELTA]*
18 ARAK H HARK (=whisper, Scot) around A
21 MARIUS MAR (=interfere with) + I(ndependent) + US (=one)
22 EIRIAN A NAIRA (=money, Nigeria) + I(n) + E (=Spain) rev.
{EIRIAN (=fair), Welsh name}
24 FLUE V F(ollowing) + LUV (=love) + (triangl)E
25 DEWORMING E DE (=Department of Employment) + WORE (=tolerated) + MING (=couple, archaic)
30 NEW DELHI T NEW (=not previously) + DEL(egate) + HIT (=strike)
31 OUVERT H (s)H(o)O(k) U(p) + VERT (=green)
32 CAESAR CEDAR (=tree) + (i)S for D (=Dominus, Lord) around A(cres)
33 HEROD H(ippi)E + ROD (=perch)
34 LITCHI E CHI (=woman, Romany) after LITE (=low-calorie)
No. Answer Extra
1 TUISM R TRUISM (=platitude)
3 RETIAL M (c)RETI(n) (=idiot ‘uncovered’) + MAL (=pain)
4 IRE A AIR (=expose) + E(astern)
5 ARILLARY N A + RILL (=furrow) + NARY (=not)
6 TACO S Hidden: (senori)TAS CO(oking), & Lit.
7 OARY E WEARY (=tired) + O (=love) for W(omen)
10 BESTIAL V BEST (=first) + VIAL (=bottle)
14 NIRLIE E N(ew) + I(nstitute) + RELIE (=assemble, obs)
15 SCAFFIE R SCARF (=nightingale) + FIE (=doomed)
17 EUNUCH D [UNDUE]* + C(ause) + H(avoc)
19 AIRWAVE O A(ll) + [ROW VIA]* + E(nglish)
23 INWALL E IN (=pub =inn, obs) + W(ith) + ALE (=beer) + L(eft)
26 TESTE F TEFS (=grasses) + T(h)E
27 VLACH O VOL(unteer) + A(ccepted) + CH(rist)
28 BUHL R BUR (=prickly head) + H(e)L(d)
29 PERU U (s)UPER (=lovely) + U(nited)
32 CUT S SCUT (=hare)

3 Responses to “Inquisitor 1124: Legacy by Samuel”

  1. Mike Laws says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable puzzle, with an added bonus – namely the ten pages of quotes from the film I found when checking which examples of the Legacy weren’t in the crossword.

    The full list:

    Reg: All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?
    Attendee: Brought peace?
    Reg: Oh, peace – shut up!

  2. scarpia says:

    Thanks HolyGhost.
    I salute you, as I failed completely with this one,giving up after solving only about half the clues.
    Disappointing,as I’d been on a good run with Inquisitors recently.
    Did no better with Samuel’s previous one,I don’t seem to be on his wavelength yet.

  3. twencelas says:

    Must admit my favourite for a while – Tough to get going then the penny partially dropped as the roman names started to appear, and I thought, jokingly at first that “Life of Brian” would fit across the middle. Maybe it was the obscurity of the John Dryden poem the week before that made me discount this for at least 1/2 hour. So the same penny dropped twice for me. And a marvellous film to boot

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