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Financial Times 13,374 by Cinephile

Posted by Pete Maclean on May 13th, 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of May 1
Much of this puzzle is fairly pedestrian but I would single out 27A and 4D as especially good clues.

1. OUTWEIGH – reversed homophone (“way out”)
5. AS IT IS – I (one) + TI[me] in ASS (fool)
10. LAPSE – LAPS (revolutions) + E (drug)
11. RUM RUNNER – RUM (strange) + RUNNER (racehorse)
12. TYRANNISE – anagram of SATYR NINE
13. RAPID – P (quiet) in RAID (attack)
14. TWILIT – WI (West Indian) in TILT (lean) backwards
15. DUTIFUL – U (turn) + T (tea say) in anagram of FLUID
18. PORTRAY – PORT (wine) + RAY (fish)
20. SHERRY – ERR (make a mistake) in SHY (cast — as in coconut shy)
22. ERICA – double definition. I believe I have seen this clue before.
24. SUN-KISSED – SUNK (ruined) + anagram of SIDES
25. ORANGEADE – ORANG (primate) + E[v]ADE (dodge being minus 5)
26. COAST – double definition
27. DIESEL – DIES (comes to an end) + EL[ectrification]. Let’s honour this as an &lit. The “it” at the start slightly spoils it but I still contend that it is a fine clue.
28. LEVELLER – double definition. This is one I had to look up. The clue refers to John Lilburne, a seventeenth-century political agitator who started a group called the Levellers.

1, 17. OBLATE SPHEROID – OBLATES (people dedicated to religion) + P (quiet) + HERO (role model) + ID (identity). I happen to know some oblates; they are people who live as monks but who have not been formally ordained, sworn in or whatever as such.
2. TOP DRAWER – POT (prize) + REWARD (prize) both backwards
4. GERAINT – GER (German) + AINT (isn’t common)
6. SQUARE THE CIRCLE – SQUARE (figure) + THE (article) + CIRCLE (figure). One might criticise this clue because it is not impossible to square the circle, it is merely impossible to do so with straight edge and compass. However I think it’s fine as is.
7. TON UP – ON (forward) in TUP (sheep)
8. STRADDLE – STRAD (fiddle) + anagram of LED
9. IMPEND – IMP (devil) + END (death)
16. FORESTALL – FOREST (a lot of trees) + ALL (without exception)
19. YES-MAN – SMA (Scots little) in YEN (money)
20. SINCERE – SIN (error) + CERE[brum] (part of the brain). Well really it’s a part of a part of the brain since the cerebrum does not include the hind brain. Or is there another word beginning “cere” that means the whole brain? (But see comments below…)
21. EDITOR – anagram of TO RIDE
23. IMAGE – IM (1,000 years) + AGE (old)

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,374 by Cinephile”

  1. mike04 says:

    Thanks very much Pete. Nothing too difficult in this puzzle.
    There’s a ‘turn’ missing in your blog for 15ac: DUTIFUL – U(turn)+T(tea say) in an anagram of FLUID.

  2. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Pete
    Regarding your query in 20dn, the second definition for ‘cerebrum’ in Chambers is “loosely, the whole brain” and Collins has “the brain considered as a whole”.

  3. Pete Maclean says:

    There are two Us in dutiful. There are two U’s in dutiful.

    Thanks Mike04! I have fixed the explanation of 15ac.

    And thanks Gaufrid. That makes me feel better about 20dn.

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