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Independent 7,356/Phi

Posted by Ali on 14th May 2010


I made a strong start to this one, but came very unstuck on the top half and had to resort to help on a few words and phrases that are new to me. This definitely felt tougher than usual for Phi and I’ve a few gaps in some wordplay. Great clueing as ever though.

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Financial Times 13,385 / Orense

Posted by shuchi on 14th May 2010


A simple crossword, no obscure words or circuitous wordplay. Newbies might want to cut their solving teeth with this. For old hands, it might seem a little uninspired.

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Independent 7351 (Sat 8 May) by Raich

Posted by beermagnet on 14th May 2010


This saturday was the 65th Anniversary of V.E. Day and this crossword had a WWII theme with several references in both clues and answers topped and tailed by two Vera Lynn songs.
Raich is better known to me as a setter of extremely devious Inquisitor puzzles that are too hard for me. So I was expecting a stiff challenge. But found instead a puzzle full of solid clues many of which were not too hard. In fact if had been timing myself I’m sure I filled most of this faster than a typical daily Indy. My only doubt was 26D which I left to mull over the next day. But all very pleasant to solve. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 25,010 – Araucaria

Posted by Andrew on 14th May 2010


I’m sorry to say I didn’t know the quotation in 2/4/3dn, but I guessed the source, looked it up and quickly found the relevant part. Once that was in there wasn’t a huge amount left to do, and this grid with its four long downs has fewer entries than usual anyway. None of the other clues struck me particularly, though there’s nothing wrong with them. In general the puzzle was a bit uninspired for Araucaria I thought: others may disagree.

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