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Financial Times 13,385 / Orense

Posted by shuchi on May 14th, 2010


A simple crossword, no obscure words or circuitous wordplay. Newbies might want to cut their solving teeth with this. For old hands, it might seem a little uninspired.


10 FUSSPOT F (loud) US (American) SPOT (skin infection)
11 ORIGAMI (GI)< in (MAORI)*
15 APPENDAGES A PP (very quiet) END (finish) AGES (a long time)
16 SNOW SN (partners, in bridge) OW (painful exclamation)
18 AMPS AS (when) around MP
20 COQUETTISH Q (question) in (IT TOUCHES)*
22 HEADGEAR HEAR (try, as in a court) around (AGED)*. ‘Bowler’ is an example of headgear.
24 AESOP POSE (pretence) reversed, A (Academician)
26 ON THE GO hidden in ‘wONT HE GOssip’. Nicely hidden answer.
27 GRIDDLE [drainin]G RIDDLE (sieve)


2 DESKTOP DESK (work surface) TOP (best)
3 IMPLYING [s]IMPLY (‘easily’ executed) IN (at home) G (good)
4 INTO I (one) N (new) TO[ry]
5 TROUSSEAUX T[hinking] ROUSSEAU (philosopher) S (times). ‘S = time’ all right, but I wonder if ‘S = times’ also works. X (times, as in arithmetic). Thanks to Gaufrid.
6 RAISE sounds like ‘raze’ (level)
7 DRAGOON DRAGON (lizard) around O (duck). To shanghai is to coerce. Unusual containment indication: ‘duck-eating lizard’. What a difference a punctuation mark can make.
8 AFTER A FASHION AFTER (following) A FAD (fashion). Liked this.
9 WINDOW-SHOPPER HOPPER (skipper) WINDOWS (opportunities)
14 LABORATORY LAB (political party, short for Labour party) ORATORY (speechmaking)
29 PHANTOM PHAN (sounds like ‘fan’ i.e. cooler) TOM (cat). Not the best surface, and ‘the’ seems redundant.
21 INSIDER IN (home) SIDE (team) R
23 GREEN dd
25 AGUE ARGUE (have a row) – R (run)

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,385 / Orense”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Shuchi
    I think 5dn is TROUSSEAUX (the alternative plural of ‘trousseau’) with ‘times’ = X (as in arithmetic).

  2. shuchi says:

    That must be it! Thanks Gaufrid.

  3. Rishi says:

    I liked solving this crossword and I too had tick marks against Clues 26ac and 8dn.

    As for 5d, I bet many would have entered TROUSSEAUS without any further thoughts about it.

  4. JamesM says:

    Thank you Shuchi. You are absolutely right. This is a cracker for newbies’ teeth and presents few solving problems.

    I am commenting here only because I think that this an all-time (ie 55 years)solving-time record for me. 7 minutes. Don’t think I will see that again!

  5. scarpia says:

    Some clever clueing,nothing contentiou – a well costructed puzzle.
    I don’t think we’ll see any quibbles over this one – over to you G.A.!

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