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Independent 7351 (Sat 8 May) by Raich

Posted by beermagnet on May 14th, 2010


This saturday was the 65th Anniversary of V.E. Day and this crossword had a WWII theme with several references in both clues and answers topped and tailed by two Vera Lynn songs.
Raich is better known to me as a setter of extremely devious Inquisitor puzzles that are too hard for me. So I was expecting a stiff challenge. But found instead a puzzle full of solid clues many of which were not too hard. In fact if had been timing myself I’m sure I filled most of this faster than a typical daily Indy. My only doubt was 26D which I left to mull over the next day. But all very pleasant to solve.

1/4/10 WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER WHIT (Small thing) (F[ellow] SLICED OFF)* AInd: in stew. OVER (finished)
11 MOTORCADE MOT (test) OR (soldiers) CADE[t] Oh dear OR wordplay again
13 OSLO OS (big – Over Size) LO (Look) Quisling was the Norwegian whose name is now synonymous with traitor
14 IDOL DO (party) inside IL (the italian)
16 LIE TO (TOILE[t])* AInd: break. When a ship stops at sea it is said to “lie to”
19 EERIE [p]EER (nobleman has no power) I.E.
20 TOYS T[w]O Y[ank]S
21 ACRE R[esistance] inside ACE (top pilot)
23 THE SILMARILLION (A HITLER MILLIONS)* AInd: battled. I tackled the two 15-letter anagrams early on. 12A Neighbourliness fell quite quickly, but this needed a fair few crossing letters and a realisation that the fodder was not S H ADOLF HITLER MM.  This book was cobbled together after JRR’s death and popularly known at the time as “The Sell-a-Million” so maybe I should’ve spotted this anagram more quickly.
27 RECOUPING E[nglish] CO[mpany] UP (high point) inside RING (competitive field – e.g. boxing ring)
29/30 WE’LL MEET AGAIN W[ar] (GET EL ALAMEIN)* AInd: struggle.  And here’s a link with VL herself. I struggled to get this a bit – I always have trouble with answer phrases that include contracted words such as ‘We’ll’
1 WIDEN First letters: War Invade D-day Enter Normandy
2 INVEIGLER (EVIL REIGN)* AInd: troubled
3 EARTHY HEART (courage) with H moved to end (top to bottom), then Y[ear]
5 LITERALLY LITER (US volume) ALLY (US’s war role)
6 FERVIDLY (REF)< (official set up) VID (film) L[ivel]Y
7 SHAPE Double Def. One def being S.H.A.P.E. acronym for NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, reminds me of the Man from U.N.C.L.E.
8 FREESTONE R[are] inside FEES (payments) then TONE (quality) Def: Fruit. I had to check this. I did not realise there was a term for this useful quality in certain soft fruit.
9 AMMO A[r]M[y] MO (time)
13 OVERTHROW OVERT (in public) H[igh] ROW (rank)
15 DATUM LINE (UNTIL DAME)* AInd: broadcast. A standard line that measurements are taken from.
17 ENCHILADA (HACIENDA L)* AInd: prepared. Appropriate anagram fodder.
18 RESIDUUM RES (object / thing in latin) ID U[nionist] UM (hesitation)
22 ALPACA Reverse hidden in A CAP LAncer
24 EXCEL Homophone: “XL”
25 RIGA G[ood] inside AIR<
26 NOMEN Really not sure about this but what else can it be? Definition (or is it a double-def?) is ‘Second name’, and NO MEN shows sexist discrimination. Full clue:
Second name showing discrimination (5)

8 Responses to “Independent 7351 (Sat 8 May) by Raich”

  1. IanN14 says:

    I thought this was terrific.
    A very comprehensive and appropriate theme using both clues and answers.
    And the singer herself appeared as a proper nina in the middle…
    Nice one Raich.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, beermagnet. Agree that it wasn’t as tricky as some Saturday puzzles, evidenced by that fact that I finished it (bar one clue), but it was very enjoyable with a clever theme throughout the crossword, as Ian says. SHAPE was the only one I couldn’t get, but if I’d taken the trouble to go on line I’m sure I could have found the acronym.

    There were many good clues, but I especially liked LIE TO, ALARM and MOTORCADE. I agree with your parsing of 26dn.

    Thank you, Raich.

  3. Jake says:

    My first Raich puzzle.

    Yes not as tricky as some Sat puzzles but brilliant stuff.

  4. Bannsider says:

    A very good puzzle indeed, which I thoroughly enjoyed despite missing VERA LYNN and not getting SHAPE either, which I should have done.

    I don’t know why on earth people think some of the Saturday puzzles are quite hard (!!)

  5. sidey says:

    Very good although the quibbler in me wonders whether ‘quality fruit’ means the same as ‘a quality of [some] fruit’.

  6. NeilW says:

    Thanks Beermagnet – it was SHAPE that got me too. Chambers gives NOMEN – a Roman’s second name as in Gaius “Julius” Caesar.

  7. Raich says:

    Many thanks for the excellent blog and to all for the comments which are very much appreciated.
    Re FREESTONE, as the blog indicates the definition is ‘fruit’ with ‘quality’ = TONE being part of the wordplay. Collins and COED also give the NOMEN ‘second name’ definition.

  8. Moose says:

    Well today is now the 70th anniversary of VE Day! Got most of the anagrams.Guessed at a few like 11a on the word parade alone.Never heard of 16a,8d or 15d which I got on anagram and letters I had.Liked 18d as a Latin scholar!

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