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Financial Times 13,381 – Crux

Posted by Uncle Yap on May 20th, 2010

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 10 May 2010
A gentle start to the FT week is always guaranteed by the Monday prize crossword. Very fair.

1 MAISONETTE *(no estimate)
7 CODE C (circa or about) ODE (poetry)
9 FRAU Acrostic (first letters of Feel Restless As Usual)
11 GUNGHO GUN (potential killer) + ins of H (hospital) in GO
12 NOSEBAND *(bones) + AND (also)
13 SERAGLIO cd collection of wives or concubines; an enclosure; a Turkish palace, esp that of the sultans at Constantinople.
15 ARCH (L) arch
17 SPAT dd
19 TORRENTS Ins of OR + R (first letter of Rabbit) in TENTS (temporary lodgings)
22 A LA CARTE Ins of A CART (dray) in ALE (beer)
23 AFFIRM Sounds like A FIRM (business)
25 SMALLPRINT Ins of MALL (shops) in SPRINT (dash)
26 AXIS A XI’S (elevens or teams)
27 SCAR Rev of RAC’S (Royal Automobile Club’s)
28 PIED-A-TERRE cd of a dwelling kept for temporary, secondary, or occasional lodging.

2 AIRTUBE Ins of TUB (bath) in AIRE (river)
3 STUNG Play on stingray – past tense of sting
4 NEW WORLD European term for North, Central and South America. The New World Symphony Orchestra is an orchestra academy in Miami, Florida. It is America’s only full-time orchestral academy dedicated to preparing gifted graduates from distinguished music conservatories for successful careers in symphony orchestras and ensembles. There are currently more than 600 New World alumni in 167 orchestras in 17 countries
6 ENLIST E (Spain) NL (Netherlands) Ist (first)
7 CELEBRATE CELEB (Celebrity or VIP) RATE (speed)
8 DEMONIC DEMO (demonstration or protest) NICK (devil) minus K
14 ARTICULAR (P) articular
16 CREAM TEA Ins of M (last letter of JAM) in CREATE (produce) + A
18 POLEMIC *(compile)
20 TERRIER Ins of ERR (sin) in TIER (row)
21 TRIP UP cd alluding to the Alps being a high place
24 FLARE Sounds like FLAIR (talent)

Key to abbreviations
dd = double definition
dud = duplicate definition
tichy = tongue-in-cheek type
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,381 – Crux”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Uncle Yap
    In 4dn I think ‘symphony’ refers to Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 in E Minor “From the New World”, popularly known as the New World Symphony.

  2. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Thanks Uncle Yap, for your fine blog.
    A gentle start to the FT week?
    Maybe, but I think Crux is quite a clever setter.
    Very smooth, natural surfaces go together with intelligent constructions.
    Only my second Cruxword, but I really liked it.

    The last one to go in was AXIS (26ac), fine example of how Crux works.
    A sports surface with a WW II answer.

    Great clue for CODE in 7ac, I thought.
    And an inventive cd for SERAGLIO (13ac).
    Splendid way to make the defintion part of the clue in 19ac (TORRENTS).
    And many many more.

    I think 28ac (PIED-A-TERRE) is not a cd.
    It is DATE (girlfriend) inside PIERRE (Frenchman).

    This crossword is a good example of a happy marriage between thoughtful clueing and accessibility.

  3. nmsindy says:

    Great blog, Uncle Yap. Not a hard puzzle, but very pleasing with well-constructed clues all thro. Favourite WHEEL CLAMP. I think the AXIS clue refers to Italy and Germany, allied (‘in league’) in the Axis before and during WWII.

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