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Financial Times 13,390/Sleuth

Posted by smiffy on May 20th, 2010


Much like 1A, this puzzle had a solid enough core but lacked that extra flair and creativity to put it in the running for any major accolades.

1 LIVERPOOL – (role old VIP)*- d[irector].
6 ASHEN – as hen.
9 PILOT – I[taly] in plot.
10 FROSTBITE – re: the nasal, Keyhole-throughgoer, (Sir) David Frost.
11 REAR WINDOW – (reward I won)*.  Fortunately, my superficial knowledge of Hitchcock’s work (i.e. the film titles only) always seems to be sufficient for crossword purposes.
12 JAZZ – J[oint] + a + zz.
14 ASININE – sin in {M}aine.
15 TRAFFIC – a f[ine] f[ellow] in tric{e}.
17 COYNESS – y[ard] in Co. + ness.
19 CAT’S-EYE – (as yet)* in C{heshir}e.  Brainchild of Percy Shaw– professional Yorkshireman and endearing eccentric.
20 IOTA – I + {r}ota.
22 MONTENEGRO – (ten + e.g. + r[ule]) in Mono.
25 ENDEAVOUR – Cap’n Cook’s antipodean vessel.  Good to see an Endeavour clue that doesn’t resort to Morse…
26 MAIZE – homophone of “maze”.
27 TERSE – hidden.
28 FORESIGHT – homophone of “for site”.

1 LEPER – p{olice} in leer.
2 VULGARITY – v + (guy trial)*.
3 ROTTWEILER – (letter in row)* – n.
4 OFFENCE – of fence{r}.
5 LOOK-OUT – double def’n.
6 ARTY – hidden.
7 HAIFA – initial letters.
8 NIETZSCHE – {metap}h{ysics} in (cites Zen)*.
13 MARTIN AMIS – A.M. in martinis.  By some bizarre bolt of inspiration, I instantly and inexlicably thought of the answer purely on the basis of the word “writer” and the enumeration.  The niftily concise wordplay tookk a little longer to fathom.
16 FLEDGLING – Fl + (l in edging).
18 SHOW-OFF– double def’n.
19 CATERER– te in carer.
21 TUDOR – {S}troud*.
23 OVERT – over + t{hrill}.
24 CAVE– double def’n.

6 Responses to “Financial Times 13,390/Sleuth”

  1. JamesM says:

    Thanks Smiffy. As you say nowhere near the top of the league!

    My only problem was the spelling of NIETZSCHE: when I followed this with the solving of JAZZ and TRAFFIC my right-hand column was a complete mess!

  2. scarpia says:

    Thanks Smiffy.
    I enjoyed this.All fairly clued with one or two smiles along the way.
    Can’t really ask for more than that.

  3. nmsindy says:

    I enjoyed this too esp liking FROSTBITE and ARTY. I too struggled with spelling NIETZSCHE and needed those crossing answers!

  4. anax says:

    Like Scarpia I found this very enjoyable if unspectacular. Spotted THE OUTSIDE EDGE as a Nina but couldn’t see any other references – sure I’m missing something.

  5. oldham says:

    What is a nina?

  6. nmsindy says:

    A nina is a hidden message in the grid. I think the second part of comment 4 above may refer to a different FT puzzle however (by IO earlier this week).

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