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Financial Times 13,386 by Mudd

Posted by Pete Maclean on May 27th, 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of May 15
I consider this an outstanding puzzle by Mudd. He gives us a lot of clever cryptic definitions (e.g. 1A, 13A, 6D), some clues that I found challenging (mostly in the top-right) and one that I was not able to fully figure out (10D).

My favourite clues here are 5A (REPORT), 22A (ORGIASTIC), 6D (PRONOUNCE) and 20D (COCONUT).

1. ROTATOR – palindrome with a definition that can either be read as cryptic or not
5. REPORT – RE (on the) + PORT (left)
8. UNCERTAIN – anagram of ANCIENT RU[in]
9. OPIUM – PIU (more familiar to Italians) in OM (order)
11. DRIVE – double definition
12. SHADOW-BOX – SHADOW (the opposition) + BOX (telly)
13. HIGH TIDE – HIGH (on a trip) + TIDE (homophone “tied”)
15. SNOWED – OWED (awaiting repayment) in SN (partners — as in bridge)
17. COARSE – homophone (“course”)
19. WISEACRE – anagram of CASE in WIRE (message)
22. ORGIASTIC – O (love) + anagram of IS TRAGIC
23. MOCHA – MO (doctor) + CHA (the alternative)
24. KNAVE – double definition
25. CHAFFINCH – CHAFF (worthless stuff) + INCH (not very far)
26. WINTRY – WIN (prevail) + TRY (go)
27. DRIFTER – FT (newspaper) in DRIER (towel)

1. ROUND THE CLOCK – double/cryptic definition
2. TACKING – anagram of NICK in TAG (label)
3. TERSE – T (t) + ERSE (tongue)
5. RENTAL – N (noon) in LATER (tomorrow perhaps) reversed
6. PRONOUNCE – PRONOUN (who, say) + CE (the church)
7. RAINBOW – RA (the artist) + IN (in) + BOW (front)
10. MIXED METAPHOR – reverse anagram: MIXED (anagram indicator) + METAPHOR (anagram of OTHER MAP). See comments below.
14. TESTAMENT – anagram of TEAMS in TENT (when camping)
16. PILCHARD – LIP (sauce) backwards + CHARD (vegetable)
18. AFGHANI – GHAN[a] (country almost) in AFI (a fire, half put out)
20. COCONUT – COCO (clown) + NUT (fan)
21. STICKY – double/cryptic definition
23. MUFTI – reverse hidden word

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,386 by Mudd”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Hi Pete, good puzzle indeed.
    10d is just a reversed anagram [a device that we see more and more] with MIXED as the anagrind for METAPHOR, leading to ‘other maps’.
    Flawless crossword with many good clues (MOCHA, PRONOUNCE, to name a few).
    My favourite here, though, 14d (TESTAMENT).
    Fine definition, and Guardianesque device for ‘when camping’ (IN TENT) – bit similar to ‘naked’ for IN NUDE a while ago.
    Do not completely understand why Mudd chose to use ‘Bum’ as definition for DRIFTER [not a good surface either] other than his by now well-known [for some infamous] cryptic obsession.

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Hi Sil,

    Thanks for helping me out with 10d. I was not only unable to comprehend the wordplay in full but was also unable to see “ridiculous image” as a definition. I think I have a fair idea of what a mixed metaphor is but never thought of one as necessarily producing a ridiculous effect. But I just looked up the term in a dictionary and that was how it was defined. Shoulda looked it up before!

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