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Financial Times 13,400 / Armonie

Posted by Gaufrid on June 1st, 2010


Quite straightforward today, nothing obscure or contentious and decent surfaces in the main.

1 INVOCATION  IN (trendy) VOCATION (career)
7 DHOW  D (departs) HOW (in what manner)
9 ISIS  [cr]ISIS (trouble loses credit)
11 CRATER  CRATE (jalopy) R (runs)
12 APOLLYON  A POLLY (girl) ON (concerned)
13 FLAPJACK  FLAP (stew) JACK (Ferrari supporter)
15 ACTS  dd – Acts follows John in the New Testament
17 VEGA  hidden in ‘actiVE GAlaxy’
19 NORSEMAN  O[rchestra] in *(MANNERS)
22 DEATH ROW  DE (Delaware) A (atomic) THROW (project)
23 COFFER  homophone of ‘cougher’ (hacker)
25 STOCK STILL  STOCKS (keeps) T (old Ford) ILL (laid up)
26 ARID  A (article) RID (free)
27 HAIL  dd
28 SWEETBREAD  SWEET (dear) BREAD (money)

2 NOSTRIL  *(RIOTS) in NL (Netherlands) – ‘airport’ needs to be split into ‘air port’ as the definition
3 ONSET  ON (working) SET (class)
4 ABNORMAL  NORMA (operatic heroine) in A BL (barrel)
6 NELSON  dd
7 DISPLEASE  PL (Poet Laureate) in DISEASE (illness)
8 OUTPOST  OUT (dated) POST (mail)
14 PRACTICAL  *(ARCTIC) in PAL (friend)
16 BRACELET  BRACE (couple) LET (hire out)
20 AMERICA  AM (in the morning) ERICA (Heather)
21 GRASPS  GR (Greek) ASPS (snakes)
24 FLAIR  FL (sunshine state, Florida) AIR (utter)

6 Responses to “Financial Times 13,400 / Armonie”

  1. walruss says:

    Yes Gaufrid, quite a straightforward puzzle. Nothing contentious, perhaps nothing too exciting either? Thanks for a very accurate blog.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Not too difficult, esp liked INVOCATION and BRACELET. Thanks for explaining ACTS, I guessed that might be reason but was not sure.

  3. Scarpia says:

    I found this harder than usual for Armonie(not a complaint).
    Struggled with 2 down until getting all the check letters and 12 across took me a while,even though I’ve read Pilgrim’s Progress a couple of times – retention is not what it was!

  4. Richard says:

    Thanks for the blog, Gaufrid.

    My first attempt at a weekday FT. I found this much harder than Saturday’s prize puzzle!
    Jack = Ferrari supporter?
    Barrel = BL? Atomic = A? PL = Poet Laureate? – Completely invented abbreviations, surely!
    I also don’t understand why Heather = Erica.

  5. Scarpia says:

    Erica is the genus to which heather belongs.

  6. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Richard
    Scarpia has already explained the heather = erica (also ‘ling’ in crossword clues).

    With regard to your other queries, jack as in the implement you use to raise a car when changing a wheel and the abbreviations can all be confirmed in Collins and/or Chambers.

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