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Financial Times 13,401 / Aardvark

Posted by Gaufrid on June 2nd, 2010


A very quick solve for me today, and probably also for most others. A couple of answers (27ac & 8dn) may have been unfamiliar to some but the wordplay was glaringly obvious in most of the clues, which seemed to me to be rather contrived in places.

1 TRANMERE ROVERS  TRA[i]N (coach unloads one) MERE (pool) R (runs) OVERS (deliveries)
10 CHINA  CH (check) IN (at home) A[rgument]
11 TELEGRAPH  LEG (part of chicken) RAP (batter) in *(THE)
12 EWE-LAMB  ALE (beer) in BMW (car) [henhous]E reversed
13 SEA-BLUE  *(ABLE) in SUE (Susan)
14 TOAST  AS (when) in TOT (baby)
19 LEND AN EAR  [li]N[es] DANE (like Hamlet) in LEAR (Shakespeare character)
20 COLOR  COL (depression) OR (gold)
22 HERETIC  *(THREE) IC (in charge)
25 ENRAGED  *(GEAR) in END (final)
27 VAPORETTI  *(TO PRIVATE) –  motorboats that serve as water buses in Venice
28 GROSS  dd

2 RAISE CAIN  I (international) ACES (pilots) reversed in RAIN (adverse weather)
3 NYALA  hidden in ‘maNY A LAke’ – a large S African antelope
4 ET TU BRUTE  *(BUTTER) [b]U[t]T[i]E[s]
5 ELLIS  [c]ELLIS[t] (string musician avoids peripheral)
6 ORGIASTIC  CORGI (Welsh dog) ASTI (sparkling wine) with C moved from the beginning to the end
7 EMAIL  MA[m] (mother curtailed) in LIE (porky) reversed – or it could be MA as a childish contraction for mamma
8 SCHNELL  CH[a]NEL (one avoids fashion house) in [o]SL[o] – from German
9 ACCENT  d&cd – é is seen twice (repeatedly) in émigré
15 TRATTORIA  A1 (top-class) ROT (crumble) TART (pastry) reversed
17 NORWEGIAN  I (one) in *(ON WAGNER) – Edvard Grieg, Norwegian composer and pianist
19 LE HAVRE  L[eagu]E V (playing) in HARE (game)
21 RADISH  IS (survives) in *(HARD)
23 REPOT  EP (record) in ROT (rhubarb)
24 CATTY  C[h]ATTY (garrulous, hard to miss)
26 RIGEL  RIG (cook) [th]E [capita]L

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,401 / Aardvark”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Yes, this was not too difficult, with, as you say, clear wordplay for the unfamiliar words. Enjoyed it, favourite, ACCENT.

  2. Scarpia says:

    Thanks Gaufrid.
    A quick solve for me as well,only being held up by 14 across and 9 down – both blindingly obvious when I did get them!
    I did enjoy the puzzle,favourite clues being 5 and 6 down.

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