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Independent 7373 by Tyrus

Posted by nmsindy on 3rd June 2010


Quite a hard puzzle as one expects from Tyrus, with a theme exemplified by 8 down (an answer I worked out only quite late on) and some other entries and wording used in clues.    Solving time, 58 mins, some quite tough clues.    Some quite amusing clues too.   I found the  clues in this puzzle were of the very highest standard.

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Independent 7369 (Sat 29 May) by Klingsor – an orgy of Wagner

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 3rd June 2010


This puzzle made a nice coincidental side dish for Stephen Fry’s excellent program (3 days to watch as I write this, if you missed it) on Wagner. Klingsor is an evil magician in Wagner’s Parsifal, so the crossword Klingsor has to be the same person as the more obvious Wagnerian baddie Alberich in the FT – Neil Shepherd, who has a website here.

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Independent on Sunday 1059 by Quixote 30th May 2010

Posted by Handel on 3rd June 2010


Blimmin’ ‘eck this were tough. We limped to just short of the finishing line, failing to get 12 across and 11 down – comments welcome as ever. Didn’t enjoy this as much as usual, as there were a number of unfamiliar words that required a dictionary to confirm. Probably just gaps in our knowledge, but we look forward to finding out whether anyone else struggled this week.

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Guardian 25,027 / Paul

Posted by mhl on 3rd June 2010


It’s always a pleasure to do a post here about one of Paul’s puzzles. Some excellent clues here, my favourites are hopefully obvious from the post below. I didn’t find this too difficult – the toughest for me was 1d.

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Financial Times 13,402 / Styx – “Won’t Get Fooled Again”?

Posted by smiffy on 3rd June 2010


There seemed to be an abundance of straightforward yet original devices in this puzzle, which is not always an easy combination of traits to achieve.  The SW corner proved by far the trickiest for me – where I struggled with the a fairly obscure homophone at 28A, and was gobsmacked at the “that was then, this is now” recurrence of 30A/18D.

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Financial Times 13,393 – Falcon

Posted by Uncle Yap on 3rd June 2010

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 24 May 2010
A week-opener with some obscure and unusual terms and names but otherwise quite easily solved.

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Financial Times 13,392 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on 3rd June 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of May 22
Another impeccable beauty from Cincinnus and one that I found a little more difficult than usual. My favourite clues are 9A (REDSHANKS), 28A (ASTIR), 29A (DOS PASSOS), 5D (ESCALATION) and 24D (MORASS).

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