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Financial Times 13,402 / Styx – “Won’t Get Fooled Again”?

Posted by smiffy on June 3rd, 2010


There seemed to be an abundance of straightforward yet original devices in this puzzle, which is not always an easy combination of traits to achieve.  The SW corner proved by far the trickiest for me – where I struggled with the a fairly obscure homophone at 28A, and was gobsmacked at the “that was then, this is now” recurrence of 30A/18D.

1 ANTS’ NEST - Sn (‘tin”) in (an test).
5 PIPPED - double def’n.
9 ODOUR – do< + our.
13 READIED - (a die) in red.
14 PEEK - keep<
15 SIDEREAL – side + real.
19 ACHIEVER – Eve in (chair)*.  “Old gardener” makes a playful change from “First Lady”.
21 FARM - far + M(illions).
25 BUSHIDO - Bush (Dubya, or Dubya fils) + Ido (a variation/offshoot of Epseranto).
26 APHAGIA – hag in Apia.  The capital of Samoa (Apia) escaped my memory (assuming, of course, that it had ever been taken captive in the first place).  But the unambiguous definition and generously checked ‘hag’ made it easily deducible.
27 ALABASTER - a Lab + (rates)*.
28 WREST - homophone of “rest”. Plenty of guesswork at play here.  Cursory investigation suggests that a wrest-plank was the standard tuning device in early pianos/harpsichords/etc.
29 b- double def’n.  Re: rugby scrums.
30 DEPORTED - port (=’bearing’) in deed.  Having the same answer in past AND present tense in the same grid, must transgress some unwritten stylistic law.  Would have been an easy blemish to fix, besides.

1 APOCRYPHA – cry in (a pop) + ha{s}.
2 TOOTSIE - toots + i.e. But why reattached, other than to gild the surface reading? And don’t tootsies = toes?
3 NORMAL – hidden.
4 SHAKEN - hake in S + N.  Again, some of the surface embroidery (here, ‘swimming’) seems redundant.
6 IN HEAVEN – heave in inn.
7 PRESIDE – p{roceedings} + (desire)*.
8 DATED – double def’n.
11 AFRAID – a + F +raid.
16 LAMBASTED – lam{b} + basted.
17 DELICATE – deli + cate{r}.  A little irksome, given that the ‘food store’, in it’s unabbreviated form, derives (albeit Germanically) from the same source.
18 DEPORT – (roped)< + t{errorists}.
20 HOSTAGE – tag in hose.
22 AUGMENT - men in a + (tug)*.
23 BARRIE – barrie{r}.  I cycled through almost an entire mental rololdex of authors before hitting upon J.M.B.
24 THE WHO – (whole-hearted)* – leader.
25 BEACH – homophone of “beech”.

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,402 / Styx – “Won’t Get Fooled Again”?”

  1. Ferret says:

    Smiffy, the scrum needs resetting at 29a… a former full back, I only kicked the ball forwards!

  2. Ferret says:

    ….and your abashment at omitting 10a!

  3. Gaufrid says:

    smiffy will still be in bed at the moment so here are the missing entries:

    10ac ABASHMENT – SH (quiet) MEN in A BAT (a club)
    29ac HEELER dd

  4. arthur says:

    should 29ac be heeled rather than heeler?

    “listed” seems to indicate so–as does “played the part….”

    cf. the old term roundheels

  5. Gaufrid says:

    Hi arthur
    Yes you are right. Finger error I’m afraid. I have just started using a new pc and the keyboard doesn’t slope as much as the previous one so I keep hitting the wrong row. I have HEELED on my copy.

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